Cold weather may not be your favorite thing about the changing seasons, but it’s the best time to curl up with a good book. There’s no better way to do that than from the inside of a comfy, cozy book nook. If you’re hunting for ways to work one into your home, these sweet spaces are bursting with creative ways to hunker down for the season in style. Whether you’re into vibrant colors and global patterns or tranquil minimalism and quiet crystal vibes, there’s something here to inspire every bookish sensibility. But be warned — you’re about to acquire a serious case of nook envy.


1. Worldly Patterns: Just because you’re hibernating from the world doesn’t mean your decor needs to. These global patterns give this nook a unique and welcoming flare. (via Design Sponge)


2. Creative Haven: This special spot is the perfect combination of comfort and stimulation. Pretty patterns and vibrant color inspire creativity, while the abundance of softness invites peace and tranquility. (via Design Sponge)


3. Compact Cozy: Size doesn’t always matter. This sweet spot packs a whole lot of cozy into a tight space. Pick out a favorite quote to embroider or iron onto a pillow, and you’ll be more than ready to hunker down with your latest page-turner. (via Valiet)


4. Be a Book: Where’s a better place for a nook to live than in a loaded bookshelf? Oh, right. There isn’t one. (via Not a Paper House)


5. Sweet Minimalism: Sometimes less is more. This minimalist space is begging for a little R & R on a cold day. (via Remodelista)


6. Good Vibes: Crystals have a way of making any area a little (or a lot) lighter and happier. This dreamy nook is bursting with good vibes thanks to these magic-makers. (via Vintage and Chic Blog)


7. No Nook, No Problem: You don’t need a wall recess to make the nook of your dreams. This look proves that a comfy chair and plenty o’ pillows are all it takes to accomplish your #nookgoals. (via Apartment Therapy)


8. White and Drapey: Ahhh, just looking at this peaceful corner is enough to send you into dreamland. The magic of a breezy canopy knows no boundaries. (via Design Sponge)


9. Pop of Personality: A nook is a great way to let your personality play. Juicy colors and shining metallics might be just what you need to warm up after a long, cold day. (via House of Turquoise)


10. Whimsy and Wonder: A reading space is a great place to let your whimsy run wild. Sure, this one is designed for a little one, but a full-grown human can certainly reap its whimsical benefits. (via Lottie is Loving)


11. Bold and Bright: Just because it’s gray outside doesn’t mean your nook needs to be. A bright book nook is a perfect antidote to a dark day. Style this for your kid’s bedroom or playroom with bright primary colors, or keep it a bit more versatile with a neutral seat cushion and throw pillows that you can update every season. (via GoMighty)


12. Natural Light: The best light is natural light, and with winter on the horizon, we need as much as we can get. Bring a little bit of the outdoors in by letting natural light wash over all of your day-long reading sessions. (via LeBlanc Design)

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