When it comes to Christmas, it鈥檚 usually the decorating, gift buying and dessert recipes that you try to indulge in first. Not only do we love any excuse available to cram in as much Christmas as we can before it鈥檚 gone for another year, but by being organized, it leaves more time for one of our guilty little holiday pleasures 鈥 wrapping presents!

Maybe you like to indulge your classy side with soft shades and minimal metallic embellishments. Or maybe you鈥檙e all about DIYing the perfect gift box. But if you prefer to express your and your gift-getter鈥檚 bond and personality, do we have some paper options for you. Get armed with your trusty red cup and all the holiday movies the Hallmark Channel has to offer, and settle into a marathon wrapping sesh with some of these wild wrapping paper ideas.

1. Beyonc茅 Blue and Yellow Wrapping Paper ($16): For the Queen Bey fan in your life, Beyonc茅 released a small collection of holiday merch, including the amazing SLEIGH sweater and this wrapping paper. It comes in blue and yellow and you can grab from her online shop.

2. Gift Couture聽Cheeseburger Wrapping Paper ($20): Holy crap, now you can wrap your bestie鈥檚 gifts in your fave takeout grub. YAAAS.

3. Kim Kardashian West Bae Wrapping Paper ($35): Kim Kardashian offers a few gift wrap options, including a butt collage and the classic crying Kim face. Let your bae know you care with this all-over BAE printed wrap.

4. Funny Christmas Hillary Clinton Paper ($29): Know a member of the Pantsuit Nation? They鈥檇 LOVE this perfectly DIY鈥檇 wrap.

5. Stay Home Club You鈥檙e Welcome Gift Wrap ($8): Stay Home Club is always there for our sad and sarcastic needs, and this 鈥淵OU鈥橰E WELCOME鈥 wrapping paper is no exception.

6. Free Printable Emoji Wrapping Paper: Those lovely souls over at Let鈥檚 Wrap Stuff went and made FREE PRINTABLE EMOJI WRAPPING PAPER downloads! Now you have no excuse for not wrapping your aunt鈥檚 gift in the paper she鈥檇 love the most. (Photo via Let鈥檚 Wrap Stuff)

7. Newton and the Apple Chalkboard Gift Wrap ($5): This adorbs paper lets you get as sappy or as sassy as you want, and opens up endless bow and ribbon color combo options.

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(Featured image via KimKardashianWest.com)