Oh, Amazon Prime, how all of us procrastinators love thee. Halloween is basically TODAY and, like many of us, you still don’t have a costume. Well, we’ve got a roundup for that! Here are 20 great costume options that are still available for two-day or overnight delivery if you’ve got Amazon Prime. (And if you’re not rocking Prime status yet, now’s the perfect time to start — you can even go in with friends and family.)

Now, let’s get to these costumes!

1. Taco ($30): How amazing is this? If you’ve got a little one, make them this DIY Taco Baby Costume and you’ll look as delicious as your last taco night ;)

2. Christmas Story Leg Lamp ($20): Remember that smokin’ hot leg lamp from A Christmas Story? Now you can BE that lamp. #ilovelamp

3. Retro Stewardess ($29): Dream of being an old school fight attendant? Dress the part with this all-in-one costume. You could also use this to be the woman from the Orbitz commercials!

4. Minnie Mouse ($40): Don’t go calling this costume basic — it’s a Halloween classic and we bet you’ll wear it more than once. Love the look but prefer to DIY? Check out how we turned an LBD into a quick and easy Minnie costume.

5. Cleopatra ($86): This iconic costume is always a hit, and you’ll feel fierce channeling your inner Egyptian royalty.

6. French Fries ($35): What. YES. This fries costume is legit, and you can spend your entire night saying “do you want fries with that?”

7. Thing 1/2 ($51): Though we highly recommend you go for the DIY maxi skirt approach with the Thing 1 Thing 2 costume, this onesie option is great for folks going out in colder climes.

8. Cupcake ($26): This costume is… SWEET! ;)

9. Queen of Hearts ($99): Yowza! This costume will help you slay anyone on the croquet court. Couple it up by dressing your partner as The Mad Hatter.

10. Buddy the Elf ($33): We’ve got a couple dude costumes in the mix here, though we’d love to see a female Buddy or two this Halloween.

11. Stormtrooper ($53): Now this is a sexy fill-in-the-blank costume we can get behind. It’s got the form-fitting factor without showing too much skin. Tearing up a dance floor in this costume would definitely rule.

12. Wilma Flintstone ($23): Your favorite cave-dwelling homemaker also makes for a great Halloween costume.

13. Red Roaring ’20s Flapper ($20): Whether you’re going Gatsby or simply retro, this flapper set is the bee’s knees. Pair the look with a faux bob to really take your costume to the next level.

14. Maleficent Gown ($27): What would Maleficent wear to a cocktail party? This dress, for sure. Dressing as the misunderstood fairy is a great way to channel both good and evil this Halloween.

15. Jailbird ($17): Though lots of gals will likely be donning orange and/or beige a la Orange is the New Black, set yourself apart with this classic striped costume.

16. Jessie from Toy Story ($23): Woody’s female counterpart’s got a sunshiny attitude and love of mixed patterns and colors. So cute.

17. Rosie the Riveter ($60): We have to admit, we MIGHT want to wear this jumpsuit on the reg. Pair with a riveting ‘do and you’ve got your costume in under 10 minutes.

18. Pirate ($19): Yarrrr matey! Jane Sparrow, at your service.

19. Popcorn ($36): Not up for going as a taco or fries, but still want the foodie points? POPCORN for the win.

20. Ted ($60): And finally, be a human-size version of that crass little bear, Ted. Just remember to choose a Hootie song when you hit late night karaoke.

What are you dressing up as this year? Be sure to enter our Halloween Costume Contest!