It’s really refreshing that in the age of selfies, cat videos and the general all-around nonsense of the Internet there are still a ton of artists doing really cool work with new technology at their fingertips. And that’s just what artist T.S. Abe is doing with her new art form: the animated self-portrait.

Abe created this hauntingly gorgeous GIF from a series of 15 individual pencil drawings. Each one subtly shifts in terms of light and shadow, creating a seamless animation that makes you feel like Abe’s portrait is staring right at you, giving you an up-down once over with just enough attitude to make it look super real.

This is Abe’s first foray into animation, but she plans on completing an entire series of these portraits, using her graphite sketching skills to fill each frame.

With a blog and website full of beautiful and very realistic sketches of people, jewelry, architecture and abstract subjects, Abe is already an accomplished pencil artist. All of her work is done in graphite, but you hardly miss the lack of color.

Abe’s blend of realism and magical elements taken from art, history and her quite extensive imagination lend a uniquely haunting quality to her work that we rarely see in today’s age. If this animation is a hint of what’s to come, we are excited to see what Abe produces next.

What do you think of this cool animated portrait? Love it or hate it, tell us below!