Whether you’re throwing an ABC party or attending a friend’s shindig, you’ll need a rockin’ outfit. These nine dresses — made from maps, phonebooks, coffee filters, you name it — will definitely have heads turning. Clothes are by no means necessary when you can rock these craft-inspired, extraordinary getups. And besides, aren’t pants are overrated anyhow?


1. Tinsel + Party Beads Dress: YAS. This dress is so sparkly and perfect that we may whip one up just because! (via Sydne Style)


2. Phonebook + Map Dress: Yup, this flouncy dress was made with phonebook clippings. Wanna know what’s even crazier? The sash and statement necklace were created using a twisted and braided mop head. So killer. (via Lazy Saturdays)

target bag

3. Plastic Target Bags Dress: Put that heap of old Target bags to good use by sewing up this adorable sweetheart dress and totally awesome fold-over clutch. (via Behance)

garbage bag

4. Trash Bag Dress: This simple cropped-sleeve mini dress was made using a single garbage bag. We especially love the red handle and red bandana mirroring goin’ on. (via Toxel)


5. Tin Cans + Shopping Bags Dress: We must say, this is a pretty ingenious use of tin cans. The shine is totally eye catching, and the red pleather bag sash ties the look together beautifully. (via Burda Style)


6. Newspaper Cocktail Dress: How cute is this flirty newspaper cocktail dress??? And yes, even the wedges are adorned with newspaper headlines. (via Lauren Fernandez-Morrell)

coffee filter dress

7. Coffee Filters Dress: Ummm, we never would have guessed this dress was made with coffee filters. But now that we know, we love it even more. We may dye ours hot pink instead of powder blue for a bit more color. (via Lazy Saturdays)


8. Map Dresses ($195): These map dresses are so completely chic we can barely stand it. And the tailoring is utter PERFECTION.


9. Recycled Materials Dress: Any sort of recycled material can be used to make a gorgeous ABC look. In this case, multi-colored plastic bags do the trick, creating a lovely dress that makes us feel oh so ’80s. (via Chictopia)

Which ABC outfit are you most impressed with? Tell us below!