Rumor (pretty much) confirmed: Apple TV is going to be the next big way to join the cord-cutting party. If you don’t already know, Apple TV is a small Roku-like device that you you can connect to your TV with streaming services like Netflix, Hulu Plus and HBO Now (an Apple TV exclusive). But come fall, when pilot season is in full force, Apple TV could be joining the ranks of Sling TV to bring you live TV from broadcast and cable networks.


The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple is in (no doubt hush-hush) talks with programmers to put together a “skinny” bundle of 25 channels, some of them local broadcast stations like ABC, CBS and Fox.

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 3.28.36 PM

What’s super awesome about that is that if Apple made a deal with these stations, they’d be offering channels that you can’t get on Sling. What’s not so awesome about it is that if you add up all of these streaming services, you’re looking at a bill that won’t be too far off from what you pay for Comcast. If you want to save money and ditch the dreaded cable company, it may be a matter of picking which channels and shows are most important to you and whether you want a connection to live TV. According to some media execs, the Apple service could cost $30-40 per month.


Most of the details are still speculation, but Apple has a reputation of watching how everyone is doing things and then swooping in with seriously mind-blowing innovation that we didn’t even know we wanted — but totally do. Maybe that’s what will happen this fall.

Have you cut the cord? Let us know where you stand on the best way to watch TV.

(h/t The Wall Street Journal)