We’ve all had bad stressful days that put us in a funk — you had a bad date, you’re burned out at work or your to-do list is a mile long and counting. While there might not be a cure-all fix to make everything better, there are a some tips and tricks to substantially brighten your mood and manage stress. One unexpected way to lift your spirits? Beauty products. No we’re not talking about a shopping spree (although retail therapy is very much a thing); we mean beauty products with aromatherapeutic qualities that are sure to put a smile on your face. Scroll on for the 14 products you should turn to the next time you need a mental pick-me-up.


1. Meow Meow Tweet Lavender and Lemongrass Body Oil ($20): Sit back, relax and soak in the numerous benefits of this botanically infused body oil. The formula pairs soothing lavender with refreshing lemongrass for a superstar combination that will have you feeling ready for whatever the day throws at you.


2. Plant Get Happy Body Wash ($20): It’s right there in the name! Start your day off right with this bright and cheery body wash, which combines notes of geranium and peppermint to lift your spirits and put you in your happiest place.


3. Leahlani Skincare Champagne Serum ($32): When a product has the tagline “happy hour for your skin,” you know you’re in for a treat. Containing a blend of grapeseed and chardonnay oils, this serum perks up both your skin and your mood. It’s almost impossible not to smile when you’re taking in this heavenly scent.


4. Hi Wildflower Botanica Herbal Steam ($14): Treat yourself to a spa-like steam with this carefully curated selection of flowers and herbs. Mixing a bit of this blend with hot water will envelop you in the scent of a floral garden, while simultaneously hydrating and clarifying for super glowy skin.


5. Lotus Wei Joy Juice Mist ($40): Notes of jasmine, orange and rosewood are the stars of this show, providing you with a much-needed boost of energy. Spritz a bit in any room to instantly brighten up the space, or even spray it a few times on your bod to take in the joyful scent throughout your day.


6. May Lindstrom The Jasmine Garden ($60): This facial spritzer is basically a bouquet in a bottle. With cheery hints of rose, cocoa and jasmine, not only will this spray invigorate your senses, but it will also hydrate and clarify a troubled complexion.


7. La Bella Figura Botanical Mood Booster: Happiness Therapy ($55): In case you had any doubts about this oil’s mood-boosting properties, the results are right there in the title. Roll a bit of this rose, coconut and bergamont blend on your pulse points for good vibes.


8. Rootfoot Aura Enhancing Fragrance in Mystic ($68): Achieve a state of inner peace with a few drops of this mystical treat. Frankincense, sandalwood and pine make up this woodsy fragrance, which comes in a travel-friendly mini bottle.


9. Vitruvi Move Face & Body Mist ($24): Keep your body and mind energized with the help of this aromatherapeutic spray. This mist works especially well on your body pre- or post-exercise. The joy-inducing blend will help you maintain that runner’s high all day long with tons of energy to boot.


10. Aquarian Soul Herbal Floral Face Steam ($20): Spend just a few minutes with this facial steam to lift your spirits. Add a pinch of these herbs to a bowl of hot water and soak in the scent and benefits of this calming and purifying blend. Follow the process with an herbal serum to hydrate your mug so you’ll look as perky as you feel.


11. GOOD Vibes Crystal Infused Spray ($26): If you’re in need of an extra boost of good juju, this crystal infused spray is for you. Bask in the positive vibes of the smile-inducing essential oils, quartz and crystals in this concoction.


12. Lush Frozen Bath Bomb ($9): Draw yourself a nice warm bath and let go of your day’s stresses with this fun, fizzy bath bomb. A soak with this Neroli- and rose-scented bomb is just what the doctor ordered to add a little joy to your day.


13. Soul Sunday Unicorn Aromatherapy Roller ($18): If the name alone didn’t brighten your day, this blend of aromatherapeutic oils will. Applying this combination of peppermint and lavender oils to your pulse points and temples will help relieve tension, making you feel relaxed and happy all around.


14. DIY Crystal Rollerballs: Combine your love for aromatherapy and crystals with these DIY rollerballs of super sensual essential oil mixes. One whiff will send you straight to ooh-la-la land. (via Brit + Co)

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