If you haven’t noticed, color is kind of our thing. What can we say? We like big brights and we cannot lie. Arizona artist Grant Wiggins gets it, and he incorporates all sorts of bold color combinations into his cool geometric paintings. He divides his work into two main categories, maximal and minimal — both equally intriguing.

Wiggins’ style is so graphic design-inspired that at first glance we actually thought these were digital creations rather than hand-painted works of art on canvas. He sells is paintings directly to collectors, so if you want to add one to your living room, just ask. Take a look at a few more of his pieces below.

If we had to play favorites, this painting above would be in the running for numba one. It reminds us of a bunch of colorful combs, stacked neatly in a 1970s advertisement for hot rollers. In fact, we love it so much that we’re thinking of making a wallpaper out of it. Grant, would you mind?

Guh, these patterns! Can’t you just see some of these designs as part of an original Nintendo game? The one below kind of reminds us of a huge sports stadium, where the black columns are the stairs and the purple and red bits are the bleachers. And we’re in the middle, battling it out in an epic Mario Tennis match.

Is this inspiring a little geometric DIY project of your own? Let us know what you’re up to in the comments!