Based on the number of leaf DIYs popping up and our renewed enthusiasm for pumpkin recipes, we think it’s safe to assume it’s officially autumn. Along with changing up our manis and outerwear, we think it’s time to take a note from the changing trees and switch up our manes. With such a wide range of hair colors hitting the streets this season, there’s no stopping you from making a dramatic change.

1. Rose Gold: Who says blondes have all the fun? This color is a quirky take on the everyday strawberry blond, turning it into a rich, eye-catching hue. (via Glo)

2. Copper: If fall had to be defined by one color, we’re pretty sure that color would be copper. This natural-looking shade is a subtle, yet fresh take on classic red. (via Elle)

3. Bright Ginger: Put away your beanies and sporty caps, because there is no hiding with this vivid color. With a metallic subtlety, this is color that demands to be seen. (via Glamour)

4. Red Velvet: This delicious shade takes the cake with a more subdued, yet completely unique take on our favorite fall color. (via Organic Color System)

5. Auburn Brown: You can go ahead and keep it classic, brunettes. Add hints of auburn for a small change with a big impact. (via Beauty High)

6. Dark Highlights: Just because we’re losing sunlight doesn’t mean we need to lose that sun-kissed look. Keep some summer in your brown locks with a few lighter highlights. (via Harper’s Bazaar)

7. Warm Brunette: Avoid the cold with this almost-ashy brown. Who needs chunky sweaters when your strands can warm you up? (via Marie Claire)

8. Rich Chocolate: Combine the right shades of chocolate and chestnut undertones to create a deep hue that is all autumn. (via Elle)

9. Sombre: Never fear, ombre is still very much here. Take your favorite trend into the new season by going with a softer, more subtle gradient transition.

10. Sweet Caramel: Three different highlights join together to create a dynamic, natural-looking caramel. A few lighter tones help to frame the face and add a tiny sun-kissed glow. (via Glo)

11. Flaxen Blond: A warm take on icy blond (also popular this season!), this version, also called wheat blond, comes together by keeping slightly darker roots and adding gold tones, spread throughout. (via Elle)

12. Bronde: If you’re looking to go blond in a subtle way, “bronde” is what you’re after. A mesh of brown and blond, this is the perfect color for brunettes seeking a regret-free change. (via Elle)

13. Platinum Honey: Just because it’s cooling down, doesn’t mean blondes have to cool down their color. This platinum color is made warmer with honey highlights, complemented by dark brows. (via Beauty High)

14. Ice Blond: Nothing wrong with being an ice princess as we head into winter. Slightly cooler than honey, this ice color may not be shy, but it still maintains a natural look. (via Beauty High)

15. Super Platinum: For those really looking to stand out this season, try this nearly-white take on blond. It’s guaranteed to have you standing out, no matter what costume you’re hiding under. (via Daily Makeover)

16. Pastels: 2014 has been the year of pastels, and that’s not changing just because the season is. (via Beauty High)

17. Rainbow: Why should anyone be confined to one color? We say, make like a tree and… try every color of the rainbow! (via Glamour)

18. Slate Gray: We’ve learned that gray shades aren’t just for the older generations. Take your silver hair into fall with a darker, more modern hue. (via Beauty High)

19. Ashy Black: Love or hate the Kardashian clan, autumn’s falling over their natural black hair color and it looks good. Add even more dimension with ash undertones. (via Beauty High)

Okay, now dish! What color are you brave enough to try this month?