As we say goodbye to the emotional Bachelorette season with聽Kaitlyn Bristowe we also say hello to an even more dramatic spin on the ultra popular dating show: Bachelor in Paradise. Unlike the show鈥檚 usual format, this summer series places past contenders in a house on an island with the hope that some of them will fall in love (or get into a fight or two). As the show kicked off its second season last night, ABC wanted to remind the new castmates exactly why they鈥檙e all here.

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The show鈥檚 host, Chris Harrison invited the contestants to an unexpected wedding ceremony on a nearby beach. As they sat down they realized that they were about to witness Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul鈥檚 wedding. Marcus and Lacy met on the show鈥檚 first season last summer and have been together ever since. The tropical inspired wedding took place on Playa Escondida in Sayulita, Mexico. While we鈥檙e guessing the show鈥檚 set designers took care of most of the ceremony鈥檚 picture perfect details, they wouldn鈥檛 be hard to recreate in your own wedding. If you鈥檙e currently planning a beach wedding (whether that鈥檚 IRL or on a secret Pinterest board), here are three easy DIY touches to copy from Marcus and Lacy鈥檚 special day.

1. Blanket Covered Benches: To give your outdoor affair more of a community feel, skip the chairs and instead opt for rows of benches. To make them look a little bit more exciting, follow Marcus and Lacy鈥檚 lead by simply covering them with festive blankets.

2. DIY Boutonnieres: We were totally digging Marcus鈥 refined, all-green boutonniere. If you鈥檙e headed to a tropical destination, incorporate that into this accent by using leaves and other plants that are native to the area.

3. Tropical String Lights: Lacy and Marcus鈥 reception, was surrounded by strands of wicker covered lights that hung from the trees. While you and your wedding party probably won鈥檛 have to time to weave tiny lamp shades for every light bulb, you could easily mimic this idea by adding a personal touch to your lighting. Maybe that means attaching cocktail umbrellas to the lights using zip ties or covering them in pretty paper flowers, either way they鈥檙e a surefire way to make the mood instantly a little more magical.

What elements of your wedding did you DIY? Share with us in the comments below.

(Photos via ABC)