It’s so hard not to feel like you’re gonna explode after consuming a cream cheese smothered bagel in the morning. Even if you got it scooped. For some reason bakers haven’t gone the donut hole route and made a bite-sized version of the yeasty dough magic circles a thing (yet). We say that because there’s a new contender in the bagel department — bagel balls — and they’re about to beat out cronuts for trendy treats this year. Believe it.


The NYC-based Bantam Bagels creates mini cream cheese-stuffed bagel balls (get in our bellies) that are basically guaranteed to leave you satisfied before your 9am meeting without making you loosen your belt. The creators, couple Nick and Elyse Oleksak, have famous fans like Oprah and Matt Lauer and a few more in the works thanks to a little show called Shark Tank. With a recent deal with Lori Greiner, we have a feeling these balls will be everywhere by the summer.


Looking through the menu at the 15 crispy, chewy options, filled with a variety of sweet and savory artisan cream cheeses — OMG A FRENCH TOAST BAGEL BALL — is making our mouths water (and making us wish our HQ was in NYC). Luckily for us + you, the bagel bakers ship throughout the country. Go ahead and get that Shark Tank three-dozen sample pack. We are.


Would you pick up these mini bagels on your way to work? Would it start a riot with your coworkers? Let us know in the comments.