It’s time to dust off that pegboard from the garage and get it ready for a brand new life indoors. From workspace organization to nursery decor, pegboards are like the cousins of open shelving, but a little more eclectic and playful. However, pegboards don’t stop at being great organizational tools; they can be pretty darn stylish too. With some paint and design work, these 17 DIY pegboard ideas have upgraded the standard garage tool setup into elegant, minimalist organizational systems that work in every room of the house.

1. Turn It into Art: Put those unused holes to good use with a painted cross stitch mural of something pretty like a big flower or geometric pattern. (via Craft and Creativity)

2. Organize the Hallway: Instead of rushing around like a crazy person when you’re trying to get out the door, keep everything hanging neatly and ready for you to grab and dash. A pegboard storage option is a great space where you can keep all those necessities like keys, sunglasses and your bag all in one convenient spot. (via The Merrythought)

3. Desk Decor: Perk up an IKEA desk, pegboard and spice racks with some mint and pink paint for the cutest desk ever. We love the idea of using the spice racks to store pretty notebooks. (via Petit and Small)

4. As a Side Table: Maybe you’re short on bedroom space and don’t have a side table, or maybe you do have a side table but you still need extra storage. A pegboard can be a fun and unexpected way to bring in vertical storage. Turn it into a piece of art by adding plants and a few framed photos, and hanging your pretty bling from hooks. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

5. Coffee Nook: If you have a collection of pretty mugs (and who doesn’t?), set up a little display with a pegboard and some hooks over a mini coffee and tea station. (via The Green Cupboard)

6. Tiny Kitchen Storage: Sometimes small kitchens can be a struggle when cupboards bang into each other and drawers don’t pull all the way out. Instead of digging through all those drawers, hang a pegboard to keep cookware and utensils organized and easily accessible for daily use. (via Refinery 29)

7. Put It in the Garden: For those who are trying to garden on a tiny balcony, a pegboard can be a great way to add vertical planters. Make sure you paint some sealer on it so it doesn’t rot in the weather, and then have fun painting the pots and pegboard to create a pretty urban jungle. (via Apartment Therapy)

8. In the Nursery: Just because it’s a changing table doesn’t mean the diaper display can’t be a little aesthetically pleasing. The fun thing about a pegboard is that you can hang cute little photos and decor pieces right alongside the more practical pieces. (via White and Gold)

9. As a Headboard: Take the pegboard to the next level by creating a one-of-a-kind headboard. Paint it to match the room, weave yarn or ribbon through the holes or paint a favorite geometric pattern. (via Our Fifth House)

10. As a Gallery Wall: Mount a large panel of pegboards behind your bed or behind the couch and use it as a gallery wall. It’s perfect for the commitment-phobe who is always playing with the layout of their gallery walls. (via Design Files)

11. Hide It in a Closet: Since pegboards are flat, you can fit them into almost any space you like, including the back of a door for extra storage in a closet or pantry. When you use it alongside files, baskets and other storage tools, you have unlimited organization options. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

12. As a Dish Rack: Turn that pegboard horizontal and use moveable wooden pegs to create a customized dish or tupperware storage. An in-drawer pegboard organizer leaves your drawer chaos-free and keeps you (or little kitchen helpers) from having to lift heavy piles of dishes into an upper cabinet. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

13. Supply Shelves: We’re a little suspicious of those perfectly matching tools, but we do love the idea of the clipboard calendar or real-life pinboards hanging on the pegboard in the craft room or home office. (via I Spy DIY)

14. Display a Collection: Here, a pegboard is used to display a rock collection, but you could use it for any trinkets you have a lot of. It’s a simple and fun way to show off the little things you love to look at. (via Lay Baby Lay)

15. Organize the Laundry Room: The laundry room can turn into a real organizational nightmare with all those oddly shaped cleaning supplies piling together under the sink. Take advantage of unused space behind the door to add some (dare we say attractive) storage for all those odd pieces. (via A Beautiful Mess)

16. Color Block Pegboards: If you’re like us and have washi tape rolling everywhere and enough embroidery floss to knit a large quilt, it’s time to clean up that crafty mess. You’ll have so much more fun getting in the creative mood when you can see all your supplies out in the open waiting for creative greatness. (via Brit + Co)

17. Monochromatic Workspace: Who needs built-in cabinets when you have pegboard storage? This little home office literally has everything you’d need all on one wall. From tiny potted plants to baskets for smaller items, this workspace would fit in the tiniest of apartments. (via Fabric Paper Glue)

What’s the most creative way you’ve used pegboards? Share your projects with us in the comments below!