We’ve already told you about the most gorgeous sunsets around the country, but what about sunrises? Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl just getting in for the evening, there’s nothing quite like watching the sun slowly light up the sky. The sun may rise in the east, but we’ve included locales in the west as well (the mountain views at dawn are not to be underestimated). From coast to coast, continent to continent, here are the most Instagrammable sunrises to capture this summer.

Sunrise over St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands

1. Hart Bay, St. John: The sunrise everywhere on the east coast of this island is beautiful. Whether you’re looking out from your villa atop a cliff or embarking for the beach, this spot can’t be beat. Book a room at Mare Blu for a panoramic view of the sun rising over the east end of St. John across to St. Croix. Another option? Grab your blanket and head to Hart Bay for an idyllic sunrise over the water.

Sunrise at Radnor Lake in Nashville

2. Nashville, Tennessee: Stay at the historic (and ideally located) Holston House in downtown Nashville and wake early to catch the sun rising over Music City from the rooftop pool. Or go to either Radnor Lake or Love Circle Park to catch the morning rays at dawn. The secluded park is also known as lover’s lane, so take bae (or would-be bae) with you.

Sunrise on Mykonos Beach in Greece

3. Mykonos, Greece: The sunrise in Mykonos looks like a watercolor painting, with the iconic white buildings cast in the soft blue and purple hues of the morning sky. Whether you’ve been up all night partying or are waking early just for this moment, it’s not to be missed during your trip.

Nantucket Harbor at sunrise

4. Nantucket, Massachusetts: The best time to see the sunrise in Nantucket is on New Year’s Eve, when you will be in one of the most eastern parts of the country to witness the dawn of the new year. Whether you’re traveling during the summer or the winter, Smith’s Point is one of the most perfect spots to watch the sunrise over the water. The path to the beach is dotted with roses, so you can count on the spectacular beauty beginning on your early-morning drive over.

Sunrise from Gianicolo, Rome in Italy

5. Gianicolo, Rome, Italy: Gianicolo, a hill in western Rome, is one of the most underrated gems in all of Italy. Visit the Trastevere neighborhood and try your luck walking up Gianicolo Hill first thing in the morning. This area of Rome has statues lining the hill that are backlit at sunrise. Wake at dawn for the most epic Instagram of all time (or at least, the duration of your vacation).

Sunrise on Poipu Beach, Hawaii

6. Poipu, Hawaii: The white sand beaches of Poipu on the island of Kauai are out of this world. Book a stay at the Grand Hyatt to be a part of the most epic sunrise: The sky turns entirely pink and the birds chirp in the trees. If you really want to do it right, sign up for sunrise yoga to start your day the best way possible.

Sunrise over Formentera, Balearic islands, Spain

7. Formentera, Spain: The smallest of the Balearic Islands off the coast of Spain, Formentera is an idyllic destination at any time of day, but especially at dawn. Bike to the salt fields of Playa de Llletas and hit the beach for an Insta-worthy early morning.

Matterhorn sunrise, Zermatt, Switzerland

8. Zermatt, Switzerland: Check out the Gornergrat region of Switzerland to see a sweeping view of the Matterhorn, a scene that is particularly breathtaking at sunrise. Spend your days hiking and biking, or canoeing and kayaking on the lake, and prepare for triple-digit likes. 

Sunrise in Cancun, Mexico

9. Cancun, Mexico: As you probably already know, Cancun isn’t just for spring break anymore; it has a lot to offer the beyond-college crowd, including unbelievable sunrises over the beach. Stay at Panama Jack Resort to watch the blue of the Caribbean sea turn a golden hue from your hotel balcony.

Sunrise at Sakonnet Point, Rhode Island

10. Portsmouth, Rhode Island: Venture to New England to catch the sunrise over the Sakonnet River in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. This inlet of the Atlantic Ocean lights up as the sun casts its morning glow on the water.

Sunrise over Indian Ocean along Kenyan Coast

11. Mombasa, Kenya: For an unforgettable journey, set out for Malindi Bay on the southeast coast of Kenya at dawn to watch the sun rise over the Indian Ocean. The food and culture of this beautiful resort town are just as enchanting as the scenery, so book your trip STAT.

Sunrise over lake, Stowe, Vermont

12. Stowe, Vermont: Want a picture-perfect summer getaway for your whole fam? Go to Trapp Family Lodge and watch the sunrise over the lake with the mountains in the distance as you revel in New England summertime magic together.

Sunrise in Wadi Rum, Jordan

13. Wadi Rum, Jordan: Holiday like the royal family and go on a desert safari in Wadi Rum for one of the most dramatic sunrises in the world. Enjoy breakfast with your Bedouin guide while the sun rises over the great expanse of sand in the Jordanian desert.

Sunrise in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

14. Jackson Hole, Wyoming: Surprisingly, Jackson Hole, an obvious winter vacay choice, is actually a must-visit in the summertime too. Reason number one (among many): the colorful sunrise over the Grand Tetons.

Sunrise at Vero Beach, Florida

15. Vero Beach, Florida: At South Beach Park at the end of East Causeway in Vero Beach, you can watch the sunrise on the glistening Atlantic. Vero Beach, on the east coast of Florida, is gorgeous year-round, though it’s definitely less expensive to visit during the summer. Make sure to go there before Labor Day and enjoy the particularly photogenic early mornings in this coastal town.

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