The fight against prejudice can happen in many, many ways. It can be as simple as using and celebrating these diverse emojis on your phone and educating our youth about diversity — or it could be using incredibly inspiring hashtag and creating a makeup video that crushes stereotypes. Beauty blogger and Internet makeup guru Deepica Mutyala (yes, THE blogger who introduced this dark circles beauty trick to the world) always wanted to dress up as what was popular, whether it was Cinderella or the Little Mermaid, but as a young girl but never felt comfortable dressing up because of her skin color. Recently, she had a REAL text message exchange between her and her friend about Halloween costumes where she told her friend she wanted to dress up as a princess and her friend automatically assumed that she must be dressing up as Princess Jasmine.


Her friend’s reaction triggered Deepica to start the hashtag #beyourownprincess and create an inspiring video for women of color to be whoever they want to be this Halloween. In her blog post regarding the movement, Deepica expressed that this video was not only a chance to fulfilling her own childhood dreams, but it was also an opportunity to speak on an issue that still deeply affecting children of color today.


Deepica’s “true emotion” when she started her text message convo with her friend was, “I would love to be Princess Jasmine” but she didn’t want to stop there.


She also rocked Cinderella. The updo, velvet choker and gloves are on POINT.


She also dressed up as Ariel (without the red hair too!) with the beach wave locks and seashell bodice. Regarding Ariel and Cinderella, Deepica wrote that they are “both iconic in their own right and not the princess you’d expect an Indian girl to transform into.”


And it doesn’t just stop at being your own princess. Heck, you could be your own Prince Charming too if you want.

We are definitely on board with a message that hits home for so many, especially when you are able to tie it into our favorite holiday EVER here at B+C! Check out the inspiring video below and find Deepica’s get the look here!

What do you think of Deepica’s message? Also, tell us about any inspiring videos you might have! Share in the comments section below. We would LOVE to be a part of them!