It’s no secret we’re big fans of Blake Lively here at Brit + Co. From Preserve to her pregnancy announcement and gorgeous hairstyles, she basically rules at life. This holiday season, she also proved that she’s great at dressing stylishly in the kitchen. Inspired by her culinary skills, we hunted down a few kitchen accessories that Ryan Reynold’s better half would totally have in her (probs stunning) boho-chic kitchen.

1. Cuisine Couture Apron ($32): Let’s kick things off with something that every fashionista should have hanging in their kitchen: a chic apron.

2. AHeirloom USA Cutting Board ($48): Since Blake is basically America’s sweetheart, a USA cutting board is only appropriate. Snag this one in the B+C Shop!

3. Berard Olivewood Salt Keeper ($40): We’re guessing that a salt keeper is a must-have for Blake’s kitchen, because why not?

4. Anthropologie Maelle Whisk ($12): These whisks are simple, yet sophisticated. At just $12, you can pick up all four colors without breaking the bank.

5. Pendleton Embroidered Napkins ($128): Do these come with a hefty price tag? Yes. Are they totally Blake Lively? YES.

6. Indego Africa Triangle Copabu Bowl ($55): Blake has made no secret of her love of geometric prints. This bowl is just the right amount of Aztec and rustic.

7. Zedhead Tribal Tea Towel ($16): With all those patterns and colors, these tea towels would be perfect for livening up your kitchen. Plus, you can never have too many tea towels.

8. Toast Ceramics Pour-Over Coffee Set ($65): Blake’s style is definitely boho, and so is this coffee set. It’s a perfect match.

9. Whitney Smith Pottery Bud Creamer ($32): Of course, you’ve got to pick up these classic creamers to go with your new favorite coffee mug.

10. Russet Measuring Cups ($28): Hold. The. Phone. These measuring cups look like mini pots and have totally stolen our hearts (and wallets).

11. Stoneware Mug ($8): There’s no such thing as owning too many coffee mugs. Mix and match all of your favorites for a collection that’s cozy and inviting.

12. Heirloom Porcelain Berry Basket ($65): The easiest way to get Blake Lively’s look is to shop on her website. Preserve gets two thumbs up from us on the porcelain berry basket.

13. Cyprus Grove Canisters ($12-20): Take your jar game to the next level with copper canisters. You’ll love these so much, you won’t want to hide them in the cabinets.

14. Sun Soaked Coffee Mug ($8): Getting Blake Lively’s kitchen look doesn’t have to come at an A-Lister price tag. For less than $10, you can get these mugs to rock her style STAT.

Where do you get kitchen inspiration? Tell us in the comments below!

(Featured image via Vogue)