Picture this: It’s a sunny day and you’re commuting to work with your bicycle and corresponding stylish bike accessories, feeling self-satisfied about being “green.” Or maybe you’re off to a picnic with friends and want to enjoy nature along the way too. Either way, your legs are pedaling away, making it happen. Afternoon hits and you get ready to bike back home, but the weather has taken an unexpected turn and it’s pouring outside. Now what?

boncho 1

Enter the most compact and easy-to-use bike poncho you’ve ever seen: Boncho, the ultimate bike poncho that wears like a full-body tent, keeping you dry and on your bike when you’re caught in a storm. This is a bike gadget you don’t want to be without.

boncho 2

Unlike the average rain poncho, which doesn’t cover your lower half or hands, the Boncho makes it over your entire lower body and the handlebars of your bike. Plus it has a folding structure like a pop-up tent — it’s like packing a frisbee in the back of your bag. Boncho is compact and easy to take with you since the whole point of bike travel is to be contained, so this is a very workable (or should we say, pedalable) design.


The mint or rainy-day gray fabric is waterproof without being too heavy so it won’t weigh you down, and has a slightly expandable back so it can fit over your messenger bag. VANMOOF, the Amsterdam-based company that started the Kickstarter, has always been known for their robust, industrial bikes. Now they’re creating Boncho to make bike travel even easier (and waterproof). You might look a little silly (or futuristic, depending on your take), but it’s totally worth it. Just pledge $60 and you’ll snag one. Expected delivery is in March of 2016, just in time for the spring sunshine and the April showers that bring May flowers.

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