Even聽between increased workloads and more of our free time occupied by our digital addictions, we鈥檙e still making time to聽curl up with a good book. Whether you love YA books, celeb dirt or gorgeous cookbooks, there are so many reads just waiting to be discovered.聽In this聽week鈥檚 edition of our Upgrade Your Life聽tech series, we鈥檙e sharing聽six apps that will put a digital bookstore at your fingertips and have you turning the 鈥減ages鈥 of those must-read summer books faster than ever. And if you鈥檙e not already a book lover, we have a feeling you鈥檙e about to become one.


1. Expand Your Horizons: If you鈥檙e a nonfiction buff who loves to discover the mysteries of the universe, the Inkling app offers you access to as many educational ebooks as there are stars in the sky. Topics range from cooking, travel and photography to anatomy and programming. While printed academic texts聽can make it difficult to grasp dense subject matter, Inkling鈥檚 learning aids, like high-resolution images, highlighting and search and definition features make it easy to master any subject. Inkling even offers offline access, so that once you鈥檝e downloaded an ebook, it can be read anywhere or anytime, even when you鈥檙e not in a WiFi-enabled area (gasp!).

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2. Digitize Your Bookshelf:聽If the bestsellers on your bookshelf are now collecting dust, taking a sad selfie with them won鈥檛 make them any more valuable, but you can repurpose them by digitizing them with the Shelfie app. To use Shelfie, all you have to do is use your phone to take a picture of your physical books. Shelfie creates a catalog of your library and recommends discounted or free ebook versions of the books that are available for download. The app even lets you share your library with other Shelfie users or peek into the shelves of other users.聽With over 100,000 ebook titles available in EPUB, MOBI and PDF formats, even the pickiest readers聽will be spellbound.

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3. Be a Borrower: In Shakespeare鈥檚 Hamlet, Polonius famously tells his son Laertes, 鈥淣either a borrower nor a lender be.鈥 Polonius clearly wasn鈥檛 using the Overdrive app. With 30,000 libraries of聽ebooks, audiobooks and streaming video, Overdrive makes it a crime聽not to聽borrow from your library. If you have a valid account at a public library, you can use the app to read media, create wish lists, place holds and even make suggestions for new titles to be added to the collection. The best part about borrowing media from Overdrive is that there are no late fees; titles are automatically returned when they are due.

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4. Get Connected:聽If you ever read a novel and wished you could connect with the author directly to profess your undying love for his or her work, Wattpad can help. Wattpad offers a library of over 20 million free stories, ranging from聽classics like Moby Dick聽to fan fiction. Wattpad also hosts聽a community that lets users communicate with both aspiring and famed writers, such as Margaret Atwood and Paulo Coelho. With Wattpad, you can even write your own stories and share them with the world.

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5. Make the World Your Oyster: Many die-hard fans of聽printed books think that ebooks simply can鈥檛 mimic the beauty or the reading experience of a聽physical book. The Oyster app is here to prove otherwise, offering both variety in its selection of ebooks and elegance in its interface. Oyster opens your eyes to millions of ebooks, from indie favorites to new releases and award-winners. Artful themes make the reading experience both streamlined and stylish. You can even read the Harry Potter聽series in custom themes designed for each house of Hogwarts. (FYI: We鈥檙e Gryffindor for life!).

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6. Marvel at the Marvel Universe: With ebooks聽largely focusing on mainstream fiction titles, fans of comics and graphic novels often feel left out of the ebook revolution. But the Scribd app leaves no genre out of its digital bookstore. It offers an unlimited selection of one million comics, audiobooks and ebooks, ranging from bestsellers to award-winning graphic novels. Like Netflix, Scribd recommends titles that are tailored to you based on your interests and reading history. The app even comes with a free trial, after which you can get a subscription of unlimited books for only $8.99 per month 鈥斅爈ess than the price of a paperback.

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Tell us what you鈥檙e reading this summer in the comments below!