When you’re decorating for a small apartment, shelves become your saving grace. If nothing else, they help you pull a little of your clutter off the ground and onto your walls. But unless you’re willing to go all out with a custom DIY solution, shelves are, dare we say it, kind of boring. Well, at least, they used to be.

Made by BUILD, this awesome shelving solution is nothing like what you’ve tried to cobble together from IKEA. Each lightweight piece fits together to form the shelving you need. Build a bookshelf, a room partition, whatever you like. Just snap the pieces together to form cool geometric shapes that fit right at home with any modern decor.

Okay cool — but how do they work? Well, you can either build the shelves up from the ground, adding additional units as your needs grow. Or you can mount the shelves to the wall using simple screw-in clips. That’s it. Yes we’re serious.

The designers seem to have thought of everything. The material has insulating properties and it’s waterproof, resistant to chemicals and easy to clean. The cubes can function as boxes, tables, even seats if need be.

And get this. They actually use up CO2 in the process of being made, making them better for the environment. Plus, they’re recyclable, which means if you ever get tired of your modern look, you can just toss in the recycling bin. But maybe see if a friend wants to take ’em off your hands first!

BUILD is available to be shipped to the US and only costs 50 euros per unit, or around $70 USD. It may be more expensive than your IKEA shelves, but hey, isn’t it about time you grew up and got some real adult furniture anyway?

What do you think about this new shelving approach? Would you buy these for your home? Tell us below!