You鈥檝e found the rug to match the bedspreads and the most colorful curtains in the world, but we bet that you haven鈥檛 exactly looked up when it comes to decorating your kid鈥檚 room. It鈥檚 time to retire the boring ol鈥 ceiling fan and replace it with something just as colorful and fun as your kid鈥檚 room. Whether you buy or DIY, take a look at these 10 fun chandeliers for your little ones.

ombre chandelier

1. Ombre Capiz Chandelier ($149): Ombre is definitely safe when it comes to lighting options for your child鈥檚 room. They鈥檒l love it so much, they鈥檒l want to keep it through college.

2. Scrapbook Paper Chandelier: You can try to match your colors or you can use every pattern in the book, but either way, this paper chandelier will definitely brighten up their room. (via Tatertots and Jello)

blossom chandelier

3. White Blossom Chandelier ($80): This sweet lighting is exactly what you want hanging in your nursery. We won鈥檛 blame you if you steal it for yourself when they grow up.


4. Floral Chandelier: While this DIY calls for fresh flowers, you can totally use silk ones for the same fairy-like effect. (via For The Love Of)

star chandelier

5. Clear Star Chandelier ($210): Is your little one an aspiring astronaut? Get them star gazing every night with this starry chandelier.

diy yarn chandelier

6. Yarn Ball Chandelier: Choose your colors and spin away to create this beautiful chandelier. You can swap in new hues to keep them smiling when their favorite colors change from week to week. (via Beyond Beyond)

IKEA pendant

7. Maskros Pendant ($89): Oh IKEA, yet again, you prove your prowess in making minimal things so beautiful. We want one in every room.

diy chandelier makeover

8. Chandelier Makover: Already found a vintage chandelier? Give it a paint job and drape it in some multi-colored beads and buttons for a whole new look. (via Apartment Therapy)

diy paper straws chandelier

9. Paper Straw Chandelier: We always knew those striped paper straws were good for more than just drink decor. (via Design Improvised)

birdcage chandelier

10. Bird Cage Chandelier ($568): Yes, you could buy this pretty bird chandelier鈥 but we suspect it would make an awesome DIY as well.

Have you found any kids鈥 room chandeliers that we missed? What鈥檚 hanging in your child鈥檚 room? Tell us below!