Before Kris Jenner had a chance to read ex Caitlyn’s book, the former couple of 22 years was working on putting the past behind them. This season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians has seen the family go through all new drama, including Kris’s reaction to what Caitlyn wrote about her in her memoir. But before Kris got to read the book, she sat down with Caitlyn and it looked like the former couple were working on reconciling post divorce and transition.

In a clip from KUWTK, the Jenners are sitting at Kris’s breakfast bar having a drink and Kris brings up a question she always had for her ex. “I always wondered why you peed sitting down.” She asks. Caitlyn’s response is a good explanation of what it means to struggle with your gender identity.

“When you struggle with your gender identity,” Caitlyn explains, “there are little things you can do to make yourself feel better.” For Caitlyn, this included peeing sitting down, which made her feel more at peace with her body. “It’s kind of perfect,” Kris replies, “because I never had to yell at you for putting the seat down.” While we don’t know if Kris has or will confront Caitlyn about the book, it’s definitely fascinating to get a glimpse of how the family has worked together through the transition.

With Secrets of My Life hitting stores early next week, we’re sure there are more surprising tidbits coming out of the memoir. Hopefully, family drama aside, folks who are struggling with their identities might find a world of comfort in reading about Jenner’s life.

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(h/t E!Online; photo via Frederick M. Brown/Getty)