Did Calvin Harris just swoop the 鈥淜ing of Twitter rants鈥 title from Kanye? We鈥檙e going to say it鈥檚 definitely a possibility. Here鈥檚 the deal: Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris broke up recently. Pretty sure everyone is WELL aware of that by now. It ended amicably, and then not so amicably after she revealed she was now one half of Hiddleswift. And because there seems to be no end to the not-so-subtle media jabs between these now bitter exes, Taylor鈥檚 reps have confirmed that she actually helped produce Calvin鈥檚 summer hit song 鈥淭his Is What You Came For.鈥 Say what?!

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Once People confirmed that rumor, Calvin took to Twitter to share his response to the new revelation that Taylor actually helped create the song and used a pseudonym to credit herself. At first, it seemed like he was cool with Taylor鈥檚 involvement.

But then it looks like Calvin got himself a little worked up on how the information was leaked.

Oh snap! Even going for the KP shout out?! Calvin is going IN.

We鈥檙e guessing Calvin鈥檚 off to have some lunch with Kanye.

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