Whether you’re always on the prowl for the latest style trends or you’re a fashion newbie in search of your first investment piece, chances are Hillary Kerr and Katherine Power have made your life — and your wardrobe — just a little bit more stylish. As the #girlboss duo and CEOs of Clique Media Group, they rule a media empire that began with WhoWhatWear, aka your go-to site for celeb style and trends. With their new book, The Career Code, Hillary and Katherine are ready to give your career their trademarked careful consideration, constructive criticism and most importantly, uplifting advice.

We chatted with Hillary about what inspired her and Katherine to write their newest book. She told us, “We wanted it to be something that you could refer back to time and time again, depending on what you’re going through at work.” It was important that the book be useful to women at all stages of their career, whether you’re just setting out for your first internship or accepting a major promotion. After all, even bosses need advice! She shared, “By reading about different career stages that aren’t necessarily your own, it gives you perspective. Through that perspective, it also helps with being a little more understanding of people in your office. Any time you can be a little more understanding, that is a good thing.”

Meet the Book: Career Code


The Career Code is anything but your average professional manual. Covering everything from discovering your true passion and nailing your resume to shopping for interview essentials and delegating tasks, this book was made for ambitious ladies of every age. This isn’t a book that’ll sit on a dusty shelf in your room — the gorgeous design and simple, yet effective layout make sure of it.

Each of Hillary and Katherine’s essential “career codes” is followed by easy-to-follow steps, relatable pieces of advice, and stories of past mishaps. Breezing through the book will make you feel like you’re only days away from launching your own empire. What’s more, the advice featured in book comes from not just Katherine and Hillary, but also their friends, truly emphasizing that “making it” as a #girlboss doesn’t have to be a lonely road.

How to make + keep BFFs in your industry

We asked Hillary about shine theory — the idea that our friendships elevate us, personally and professionally — and she told us, “There’s not a finite amount of happiness or success or joy or anything great… I have the most amazing friends in the industry. They have given me advice and helped me when times were hard. When you find the right group of colleagues who are actually IRL friends as well, all that competitiveness goes away.”

Though it might seem like a challenge to make friends within extra-competitive industries, she shared, “Comparison is the death of happiness. You have to pay attention to your own course and stick to yourself. If you are doing your own thing and you’re working hard, then good things are going to happen.”

Hillary Kerr’s hacks for looking put together in just 3 steps

We also chatted with Hillary about how you can easily look put together. According to Hillary, it’s all in the accessories!

1. Trench Coat: “This is one of the key pieces every woman should have in her wardrobe. Even if you’re wearing jeans and a tshirt, if you throw on a trench coat, you instantly look polished.”

2. Casual, Light-Weight Jacket: She suggested, “Something like an army jacket or a silky bomber or even a trench vest, or something like an oversized vest or even a great scarf. Anything that’s a good third piece and adds a little bit of interest to your outfit is a really great idea. It spruces up basics and makes everything look a little more elevated.”

3. Mascara + Bright Lip: “These two things make you look like you put in some effort, even if you didn’t. No one looks at someone wearing bright lipstick and thinks ‘Oh that person just woke up!’ It takes two seconds and you’ll just look a little more done and put together.”

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