There’s no better time to draw inspiration from your favorite celebrities than on Halloween. Not only can you act like your go-to A-Lister, but you get to dress up like them (and pretend you live the high-roller life like them) for the night. Check out 15 of our favorite celebrity-inspired costumes below, and get to work making your own outfit STAT.


1. Nicki Minaj + Beyoncé, Feeling Myself” Music Video:

What You’ll Need:

For Nicki: A white leotard, cardboard, Sharpies and paint pens, pencil, faux fur or feather coat, tights, large gold hoop earrings and gold chokers stacked on top of one another.

For Beyoncé: A Bulls jersey, velcro, tights, gold tattoos, fabric scissors, chalk, sewing pins, a faux fur or feather coat and a sewing machine.


2. Mary Kate + Ashley Olsen:

What You’ll Need:

For Ashley: A curly-haired wig.

For Mary-Kate: A dirty blonde straight hair wig.

For Both: Black, baggy clothes in a variety of textures, bronzer, gray eye shadow and a matte-finish lipstick in a deep brick mauve tone.


3. Hillary Clinton:

What You’ll Need: A black shirt, blazer, pencil skirt, sunglasses, ballet flats, turquoise beaded necklace and earrings, Forum Novelties Hillary Clinton wig, light makeup foundation and gray eye liner. Tips for makeup: To get the wrinkles, lift your eyebrows, make an angry face, smile and make any other move to help show where the lines would naturally exist if they were there and then line with gray liner.


4. Donald Trump:

What You’ll Need: A suit, Rubie’s Costume The Billionaire Wig and orange face makeup.


5. The Final Five, US Olympic Gymnast Team:

What You’ll Need: Capezio white leotards, Tulip fabric spray paint in red and blue, Vertical Sport track pants, gold medals and “U,” “S,” “A” felt letters.


6. Chewbacca Mom:

What You’ll Need: A black t-shirt, white paint pen, ½ yard of three-inch-wide black elastic, high-waisted mom jeans, framework Wayfarers glasses, brown bob with bangs wig, Star Wars Chewbacca mask, foam and black electrical tape (for the steering wheel).


7. Kimmy Schmidt, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt:

What You’ll Need: Pink pants, patterned blouse, yellow cardigan, purple backpack, bright colored high top sneakers, curled hair, buttons and patches.


8. Lady Gaga:

What You’ll Need: Long yellow bob wig with bangs, Lady Gaga Sequin Dress costume, crazy BIG shoes and silver bejeweled glasses.


9. Miley Cyrus, “Wrecking Ball” Music Video:

What You’ll Need: A baby bump, black leggings or jeans, black t-shirt, aluminum foil, silver duct tape, chain and a Barbie (to turn into Miley, duh).

real housewives

10. Real Housewives MVPs:

What You’ll Need: A glass of rosé, a bottle of Grey Goose with lots and lots of lemons or even a bottle of Skinnygirl Margarita, some great heels and your pick of housewife — the outfit will most likely require the most glamorous and glitzy article of clothing you own.


11. David Bowie + Prince:

What You’ll Need:

For Bowie: Silver spandex long-sleeve shirt and leggings, red, white and black shiny duct tape, yellow foam sheets, red rubber boots and a friend to attach the tape stripes and collar while you wear it!

For Prince: Metallic spandex leggings, bright purple booties, a hilarious pirate ruffled collar shirt, an extremely on-point purple jacket and a kids’ toy electric guitar.


12. Taylor Swift’s Squad, “Bad Blood” Music Video:

What You’ll Need:

For Zendaya: A faux leather skirt and tank top, a dress with a gold metallic lace layer overlay, ¼ yard of faux leather fabric, knee-high black boots, nude nylons/tights and biker gloves.

For Gigi Hadid: A bodysuit (or a one-piece black bikini), silver trim, black ribbon, a high-waisted studded belt with fashion tape, silver chain necklaces, shiny above-the-elbow gloves and black leather leggings.

For Taylor Swift: Faux leather shorts, an exotic bikini, nude nylons, a black sleeved crop top, metallic ribbon, thigh-high leather socks (if you don’t have boots), your favorite black heeled booties and a dark red lip to seal the deal.

For Martha Hunt: Black patent leather pieces, a tight black crop top, a patent leather cutout bikini top, shiny gold trim, two metal pieces from a gold necklace, a faux leather high-waisted skirt and a pair of nude nylons/tights.

For Sereyah: Black high-waisted briefs over a pair of nude nylons/tights and a silver metallic tube top, the rest of the gold lace from Zendaya’s dress, a cutout bralette, a studded choker and biker gloves. 

For All: Toy guns, matte black spray paint, silver and black spray paint, thick black ribbon and duct tape, a hot glue gun and scissors.


13. Beyoncé, On the Run Tour:

What You’ll Need: Fishnet stockings and a whole fishnet bodysuit (try to find two pieces that have different fishnet densities), a nude bodysuit and a leather leotard.


14. Katy Perry, Super Bowl XLIX:

What You’ll Need: A white skirt, white wrap bikini top, red, yellow and blue felt, glitter tape and plush sharks.


15. Britney Spears + Justin Timberlake:

What You’ll Need:

For Britney: A denim corset, denim maxi skirt, scrap denim for decoration and a super bedazzled choker necklace.

For Justin: A denim cowboy hat, light blue t-shirt, denim blazer jacket, oversized denim jeans and sunglasses.

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