Move over, pizza. There’s a new boyfriend in town. We are all going ape over here for monkey bread (hi-yo!) — that gustatory delight comprised of balls of dough that have been drenched in butter then rolled in spices before being compressed together in a baking pan. We love how it pulls apart into bite size pieces, with an interior that is soft and chewy while the crust remains toasty. Some bakers sweeten their monkey bread with sugar and cinnamon before drizzling icing on top. We like ours savory, with pizza spices or garlic and cheese. Yum! Here are 15 monkey bread recipes — some sweet and others savory — one more delicious than the next. If you like yours sweet, with chocolate and caramel, and especially if you have some Cadbury eggs laying around left over from Easter, you are going to want to take a gander at this Cadbury Egg Monkey Bread.

Monkey bread (AKA bubble bread) has been around since the 1950s, according to The American Century Cookbook, by Jean Anderson (Clarkson Potter, New York; 1997). But it was First Lady Nancy Reagan who is credited with making it popular again, when she shared her family recipe with the press. The First Lady’s version was scratch-made and buttery — calling for more than a cup of butter — and served at Thanksgiving.

Over at Sweet CS Designs, Courtney has a cheesy garlic version of monkey bread that looks like everything we’ve ever dreamed of in a garlic roll. Made with just five ingredients (two of them cheeses!), the recipe is jump-started with store-bought biscuits, making it not only delicious but also quick and easy. Courtney seasons her cheesy garlic monkey bread with rosemary. Genius!

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(Photo via Sweet CS Designs)