When you think dessert, chickpea isn’t the main ingredient that usually comes to mind. Believe it or not, chickpeas are way more versatile than a salad addition or a base to hummus: They are actually a great substitute for flour in many dessert recipes. Full of protein, fiber, folic acid and manganese, chickpeas are a nutritional powerhouse. Plus, this pantry staple is low-glycemic and gluten-free! Grab a couple extra cans next time you’re at the grocery store (or better yet, make your own!) and get cooking ASAP.


1. Cookie Dough Pops: Could a sugar-free, vegan cookie dough ice cream be real? Yes! Try these pops on ice for a sweet treat on those sticky summer nights. (via Including Cake)


2. Chickpea Flour Thin Mints: It’s not Girl Scout cookie season anymore, but does anything say summer more than mint? Recreate your favorite thin mints with chickpea flour for a nut-free, grain-free vegan take on a typically not-so-healthy indulgence. (via Oatmeal With a Fork)


3. Peanut Butter Banana Chocolate Chip Chickpea Blondies: Fool everyone at the office potluck and show up traditional brownies with this healthier version. These blondies sub in bananas for sugar and chickpeas for flour in this gluten-free and just-as-delicious treat. (via Ambitious Kitchen)


4. Vegan Meringues: Save the liquid from making your own chickpeas (trust us, way tastier than the canned version) and whip up a batch of these vegan meringues. (via Slate)


5. PB Cookie Dough Dip: Tastes like cookie dough. Is actually chickpeas. Is healthy… ish. Is a major win! (via Brit + Co)

chickpea cookies 2

6. Gooey Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies: Make girl’s night a little healthier with this version of everyone’s favorite cookie. These bad boys are grain-free, refined-sugar-free and… you guessed it, full of fiber and protein from the chickpeas and peanut butter. (via Lucky Penny Blog)


7. Chocolate Chip Gingerbread Chickpea Blondies With Maple Glaze: You’ll be counting down the days to winter just for an excuse to make these holiday-inspired blondies. Chickpeas help lower your blood sugar, and these are free of the refined sugar that elevates it. (via Hummusapien)


8. Chickpea and Orange Cake: Are you looking for a healthier option for your go-to quick bread? This yummy version is naturally gluten-free and delicious. (via Love Thy Carbs)


9. Peanut Butter + Jelly Cookie Bars: Don’t let giving up refined flours stop you from enjoying a childhood staple. These bars make a great hiking snack that will motivate you to get outside this summer! (via The Honour System)

chickpea-cookie-dough-truffles-3 copy

10. Chickpea Cookie Dough Truffles: Curb that late-night cookie dough craving with chickpeas. In less than five minutes, you can whip up a batch of healthy yet still decadent truffles with the humble legume. Keep these in the freezer for easy snacking. (via The Nutritious Kitchen)


11. Chickpea Thumbprint Cookies: This is a healthy, plant-based take on a supermarket classic. These are perfect for a picnic or snacking on after a day at the pool. (via The Colorful Kitchen)


12. Gluten-Free Coconut Cardamom Ice Box Cookies: This baker recommends them with some kaffir lime mousse. And we can’t say no to that. (via Kathy Gori on Snapguide)


13. Strawberry and White Chocolate Muffins: Be the star of your summer brunch when you bring along these muffins. They are the perfect gluten-free way to use up your summer produce. (via A Tasty Love Story)


14. Dark Chocolate Chickpea Brownies: No one will guess that these brownies are not only grain-free and vegan, but positively delicious as well. Pair these with your favorite banana ice cream or coconut-milk-based ice cream for a healthy sundae night. (via The Roasted Root)


15. Gluten-Free Indian Dessert Laddu: Start brewing the tea for these treats. Stat. (via Kathy Gori on Snapguide)

Do you ever make desserts out of chickpeas? Leave us your favorite chickpea-based treats below!