There’s nothing like having a place you can call your own — a pad to stretch out, relax and decorate however you please. Even kids go gaga over having their own personal space. Maybe it’s the a corner of the backyard, under the covers with an awesome book or perhaps inside their own playhouse. If it weren’t for the fact these playhouses were made for the pint-sized, you’d probably want to move in. Scroll on for some dreamy playhouses that will inspire you to create that space for the kiddos.

Joni-Lay-Patio-Redux-Challenge-23 (1)

1. This flamingo-happy dream house: If we were little again, you can bet we’d be in here all summer. This playhouse seems like the perfect getaway. (via Home Depot)


2. This fairytale cottage: This inside cottage looks like it’s fit for any princess. We can just imagine the number of tea parties that go on in here. Who wouldn’t want to be invited to one of those? (via Sweet Retreat Kids)


3. This porch perfect abode: Flower planters are great for brightening up anything. How rad would it be to invite your BFF over to hang out on this sweet porch? That is, if you were a kid again of course. (via Fynes Designs)


4. This lofted craft space: Sometimes it takes a little ounce of awesome to get inspired. If you want to get your kiddos excited about learning, set up an educational playhouse for them. Bring in some neat books for them to read and don’t forget the snacks. (via The Handmade Home)


5. This mini garage for the mini motorist: We would want to learn all about fixing cars in here. This tiny garage is the perfect fit for a future automobile enthusiast. (via Hip Kids)


6. This sweet pink Victorian: Pink houses are probably the only thing dreams are made of. Excuse us while we plan our next slumber party in here. (via Hay Needle)


7. This cardboard neighborhood: These DIY houses are the best size for a toddler. They can go from one room to the next all day long. (via A Beautiful Mess)


8. This ’50s kitchen: The vintage aesthetic in this little kitchen is strong. Acquiring pieces like these would be easy finds at flea markets and thrift stores. (via Averie Lane)

Kensington Cottage 058

9. This butter yellow sanctuary: There’s nothing so fancy as having your own flagstone walkway and working porch lights. (via Shull Family)


10. This playhouse classroom: This is the ultimate learning playhouse. Set up a desk inside for all educational toys and the kids will never want to leave. (via Made With Happy)

Which one is your favorite playhouse? Tell us in the comments below.