Any coffee drinker understands the importance of the morning cup of joe. And any night owl can’t imagine an evening routine without a steaming mug of brew (the bean kind). So when firing up the coffee pot is a regular occurrence in your home, it makes sense to give all your coffee necessities their own pretty space. Let’s just say that it’s a good thing bar carts are so versatile. Take a look at these 13 essentials for your own coffee cart inspiration.

1. Lilly Bar Cart ($425): Putting coffee on wheels suddenly gives you the ability to have coffee whenever you want, in any room of the house you want. Bathtime cappuccino anyone?

2. Espresso Maker ($279): To have a coffee cart, you must have something to make coffee. This bright pink espresso maker should do the trick.

3. Polka Dot Mug ($15): With such a pretty mug, you won’t be able to help smiling before coffee in the morning.

4. Animal Canisters ($19+): All those coffee beans and loose-leaf teas need a home. Storing them in cute, animal-topped canisters like these is way better than store-bought boxes or plastic bags.

5. Tea Sampler ($28): Don’t forget to cater to the tea drinkers that may frequent your cart. Peppermint is always a good option.

6. Pink Ombre Vase ($22): Fresh flowers are a great addition to any space. Putting them on your coffee cart will make it feel like more of a permanent piece.

7. Cream and Sugar Set ($50): Little containers for cream and sugar may seem old fashioned, but one look at this colorful set and we’re totally on board.

8. Gold Pinstripe Coaster ($34): While we love coffee carts, we love coffee tables too. Protect yours with these chic pinstripe coasters.

9. Glass Teapot ($75): So maybe it’s a bit pricey for a teapot, but it looks awesome, right? If you happen to be a frequent tea drinker, this is for you.

10. DIY Homemade Coffee Creamer: Yes, you could buy coffee creamer. However, making your own will give you three or four flavors to choose from. (via Around My Family Table)

11. Tea Towel ($14): Mop up those spills and splashes in a flash with a brightly colored tea towel.

12. Coffee Spoon ($8): Instead of constantly stealing your tablespoon from the kitchen drawer, keep this coffee scoop close by.

13. Art Print ($12): A little art never hurt anybody. We’re pretty sure that hashtag is our morning mantra. #coffeeaddicts

Do you have a coffee cart? What are your essentials? Tell us below!