If you’re a coffee lover, you’ll know that there are a million different ways to enjoy the robust, flavorful taste of java. From coffee-infused desserts to seasonal espresso drinks like the infamous PSL, there are no shortage of delicious coffee options out there. But what if instead of changing coffee itself, you changed the cup it came in? Changed it to, say, an ICE CREAM CONE? Bust out your ice cream cone recipes, because #coffeeinacone is taking over Instagram!

1. Espresso in a Chocolate-Dipped Waffle Cone: Let’s start with the *classic* version out there. This steamed espresso drink is topped with heart-shaped foam and served in a chocolate-dipped waffle cone, making for absolute perfection.

2. Coffee With Sprinkles: Though the standard version of this trend is already heavenly, things get even BETTER when sprinkles are involved! Case in point: this beautiful creation.

3. Coffee + Cones = BFFs: They really are a match made in heaven, aren’t they? The flavors of coffee have long been known to pair well with pastry. It’s actually kind of surprising it took so long for this trend to take hold.

4. Chocolate and Wafers: Speaking of doubling the fun, check out this duo of cone-cupped java. The concoction is dripping with gooey chocolate and served alongside a pillowy, fluffy-looking wafer. YUM.

5. Coffee in a Cone: The idea of the coffee-in-a-cone trend is credited to The Grind, a coffee shop based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Here’s one of The Grind’s signature creations in all its glory. The shop makes sure to spread the word that if it doesn’t say “Coffee in a Cone” on the wrapping, it’s not the real thing!

6. Coffee Around the World: Of course, South Africa isn’t the only place where this trend has caught on. This coffee cone comes to us from Taiwan, proving that good ideas travel fast.

7. Twice As Nice: Like any other beverage, coffee in a cone is better with a friend! Though we can’t pretend we wouldn’t be tempted to just have two of these to ourselves…

8. Coffee in a Cake Cone: Waffle cones don’t get to have all the fun. This creation, which comes to us from LA, is a macchiato in a delicate little cake cone.

9. Iced Coffee: No one said you have to enjoy your coffee cone hot. You can also take it iced! This particular example shows how coffee cones can be both refreshing and better for the environment than your average iced coffee. Yes, you can take credit for that idea.

10. Graham Cracker and Red Velvet Rims: Graham cracker and red velvet crumbs line the rims of these delectable-looking cones. Chocolate lovers don’t get to have all the fun, after all.

11. Coffee To-Go: Not only is the concept of coffee in a waffle cone super environmentally-friendly, it’s also convenient. Take your coffee to go and nom on the cone when you’re all done. The cone will have absorbed some of the coffee, giving it a delicious flavor and melt-in-your-mouth texture.

12. Kaleidoscope Coffee: Check out this expert patterning. Turns out, baristas can get just as creative with coffee cones as they can with traditional espresso beverages.

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13. All the Flavors: Check out this drool-worthy spread! From graham cracker crusts to chocolate-dipped cones to sprinkled rims, every combination under the rainbow can be found in this Los Angeles coffee shop.

14. Where It All Began: We’ll close with a close-up shot of the original love of our lives: A classic coffee cone from Johannesburg’s The Grind. Perfection in a cone.

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