We know when it comes to designing a nursery, it’s easy to fall into the age-old tradition of pastelify-ing the entire room. If it’s a girl, then there’s baby pink everything on the walls, and if it’s a boy, the only other color to be found besides blue is white. While there’s no harm in these fun color schemes, you don’t have to abandon your home’s design style for your tiny tot. If you’re looking for a minimalist design, black and white is calling your name. Scroll on for 25 gorgeous nurseries sure to inspire you to branch out from pastel.


1. Black Paint: The dark walls in this bohemian nursery serve as the perfect backdrop for hand-painted animal illustrations and a gorgeous natural wood crib. (via 100 Layer Cakelet)


2. White and Black: Using a limited color scheme of black and white lets the accessories, like that geometric mobile, take center stage in this light-filled nursery. (via A Beautiful Mess)


3. Travel Themed: This nursery may not be real, but with its hanging crib and cute directional sign, it’s giving us some major inspiration for a travel-themed room. (via Jelanie Shop)


4. Clean and Simple: With dark walls and floors, this room could easily feel small and closed in, but the simple furniture and hanging terrariums transform the nursery into a chic extension of the house. (via Chezerbey)


5. Chalkboard Wall: We love the idea of leaving love messages for your little one on a chalkboard wall. Painting with chalkboard paint on only one wall keeps the black color from becoming too overbearing. (via Christina Loucks)


6. Prints and Patterns: A modern monochromatic nursery calls for pillows in fun patterns and illustrations, plus a cute print hanging on the wall. (via Decor8 Blog)


7. Colorless Contrast: This may be our favorite nursery of them all. The stark white walls and crib create a stunning contrast for the black slate floors and natural wood beams. Adding personal touches like the stuffed animals and small artwork on the walls makes this room feel chic, yet still kid friendly. (via Design No Form)


8. Zebra Stripes: Done in a black-and-white color scheme, this safari-themed nursery is sophisticated and playful. We can’t stop ooh-ing and ahh-ing that elephant hamper and the animal heads on the wall. (via Design Sponge)


9. Pretty Patterns: Another way to style a monochromatic room is by using patterns that won’t be too overwhelming. The tiny cross print on the walls, bedding and pillows makes the room feel playful yet modern. (via Olli and Lime)


10. Blankets and Furs: When your walls are painted black, using accessories like a faux-fur rug or a cheeky graphic blanket in the same colors can help tie the room together. (via La Petite Mag)


11. Graphic Nursery: White furniture paired with a soft gray wall are the perfect combination for the graphic decorations throughout this nursery. We wouldn’t mind having that amazing thunderbolt light in our room. (via Petit and Small)


12. Golden Words: Instead of cluttering the walls, this nursery makes the case for a simple design. The beautiful words and cib are painted gold, which stands out against this black-and-white color scheme. (via LeSueur Interiors)


13. Monochrome Madness: What’s black and white and chic all over? This playful nursery, which uses different graphic patterns on the walls and in the furnishings. Honestly, who wouldn’t want to sleep here? (via Project Nursery)


14. Rustic Cowboy: The Wild West is the perfect inspiration for a nursery design. Between the cowhide pillow and the brass bull head, your kiddo will be sure to be dreaming of adventures all through the night. (via Sunflower State of Mind)


15. Two Sides: Painting a chalkboard wall on one side of the nursery and placing the crib on the other side gives the room two focal points and makes for a chic, balanced room. (via Sissy and Marley)


16. Dark Floors: If you aren’t ready to abandon colors, a vintage patterned rug easily brings some warmth to the room. (via The Beetle Shack)


17. Dark Florals: Of course, black walls don’t have to be plain. Rather than just painting a dark wall in your nursery, try a dark floral wallpaper for the same dramatic effect. (via Oeuf)


18. Cozy Seating: With its large open windows and sectional seating, this nursery looks like a spot the whole family could enjoy. It’s a great space that will function well once your baby is out of their crib and into a bed. (via Project Nursery)


19. Slate Gray: If you don’t completely love the idea of an all black-and-white nursery, painting one wall gray and adding contrasting elements like white bookcases and an abstract painting can help lessen the strength of a dark wall. (via Elements of Style)

Which one of these designs is your favorite? Have we convinced you to try a dark nursery design? Talk to us in the comments below!