Shoutout to all the best friends out there. The ones who are there for us when we鈥檙e being ridiculous. The ones who inspire us, listen to our secrets and go on epic adventures with us as we discover our true destiny. Well, maybe not so much the latter. When it comes to fairytales of the Disney variety, there is nothing more magical than a best friend, and Disney definitely set the bar high when it came to showcasing best friends of all shapes and sizes. Here are 11 of our favorite Disney BFFs and what we learned from them to inspire us how to be better best friends. Get ready for a serious dose of nostalgia and intense desire to start making friendship bracelets.

1. Merida + Angus: During those angst-filled teenage years, we all needed a BFF who we could vent to about just how much our parents were ruining our life. And if our best friend could鈥檝e been an enormous fluffy-footed horse, that would鈥檝e been fine by us. (via Disney)

2. Tinker Bell + Peter Pan: We鈥檒l always love Tink because of her totally relatable jealousy issues (yep, we鈥檝e all been there). But even if you get a little jealous when it comes to bringing new friends into the circle of trust, you two enjoy getting creative together, and your spunky personalities perfectly balance each other out. (via Disney)

3. Nemo + Dory: You know you鈥檝e found a best friend when they would cross an ocean for you, even if it鈥檚 a metaphorical ocean like helping you move or getting you through a breakup. BFFs are always there for you and put up with your annoying habits, and when times get rough, you鈥檙e there to remind each other to 鈥渏ust keep swimming.鈥 Although hopefully you don鈥檛 forget your friends鈥 name every five seconds. (via Disney)

4. Carl + Russell + Dug + Kevin: Why have one best friend when you can have three or more? Sometimes a BFF isn鈥檛 your same age or even the same species. Okay, usually our BFFs aren鈥檛 a giant bird, but we definitely count our furry friends among our nearest and dearest. (via Disney Blog)

5. Ariel + Flounder: Everyone needs a shoulder to cry on and a friend who will just listen and pour the wine. Here鈥檚 to the friends who act as therapists when we need it most. Gills and mermaid tails optional. (via Disney)

6. Rapunzel + Pascal: You know that friend who has it all put together and you feel like you鈥檙e a hot mess? Pascal knows how to blend in to any situation, but he鈥檚 totally got Rapunzel鈥檚 back when she sets out to find her true destiny. Thanks for always pushing us to be better, BFFs. (via Disney)

7. Tigger + Eeyore: When you and your BFF go together like mac and cheese, you know you鈥檝e got a classic friendship. It doesn鈥檛 matter whether you two are across the world from each other or live in the same town 鈥 you鈥檙e always there to remind turn those frowns upside down with a thoughtful gift. (via Disney)

8. Tiana + Charlotte: These two were BFFs since childhood and they really stick by one another. Sure, there is some potential drama when it comes to romantic schemes and crushes, but everything turns out alright in the end. Plus some frog kissing happens. That鈥檚 true love right there. (via Disney)

9. Aladdin + Genie: If you two just kind of fell into an unexpected yet unforgettable friendship, your Disney soul mates are these guys. Maybe one of you is a bit of a drama queen like Genie and the other one is a little more practical, but together you help each other with figuring out the big, scary future. And if your BFF could magically grant wishes, there is no doubt they would give them all to you. (via Disney Blog)

10. Anna + Olaf: Your best friend always knows you have their back, even when things look grim. Olaf is honestly one of the greatest friends anyone ever had. He was willing to go on whatever adventure Anna went on, even when he knew that it might put him in danger. But hopefully you manage to stay in touch with your best friend even when the weather warms up. (via Disney)

11. Jasmine + Rajah: Raise your hand if you wanted a best friend tiger. Even if your BFF doesn鈥檛 have stripes and whiskers, we bet they鈥檇 fight for you just as fiercely as Rajah did when Jasmine needed him. (via Disney)

Which Disney BFFs are your favorite? Share your best memories in the comments below!