Halloween is a magical holiday where you get to be who or whatever you want for an evening. An iPhone? Sure. A giant piece of birthday cake? Go for it, girl. We more than applaud those of you who shoot for the moon on All Hallows’ Eve, but we know an elaborate costume isn’t always the easiest thing to put together. If you’re in need of a little inspiration for this year’s costume, why not start with what you already have hanging in your closet? Here are 14 show-stopping (not to mention affordable) Halloween costumes ideas you can create with garments you probablyalready own. But don’t worry, if you don’t happen to have these staples at the ready, we’ve hooked you up with options to buy. Happy Halloweening.

1. Verdusa Women’s Overalls ($17): Hope you held onto this ’90s staple, because not only are they totally back in fashion, but they could also be a major element of this year’s costume.

To be Super Mario or a Despicable Me minion, just wear an appropriately colored shirt underneath and add signature details like mustaches for M+L or silver goggles and a yellow beanie (genius hack!). To be a scarecrow, find a straw hat and a little hay, pin on some flowers, and you’re good to go.

2. Verdusa Striped Tee ($8): Whether it’s black and white or red and white, either can work as the base garment for some really fun costume ideas.

Keep quiet and let your outfit do all the talking as a mime, sail the seven seas as a pirate (eye patch is a must!), or channel your inner Bonnie and Clyde as bank robbers with the Jay to your Bey.

3. Xiaolizi Hooded Cape ($185): Turn this whimsical coat into much more than a winter necessity just like that.

Throw your hood on to be a spooky fortune teller or a sweet Little Red Riding Hood (if it’s red, obvs). If you have a dramatic cape, go all out and channel Winifred Sanderson, the Hocus Pocus witch we all love to hate.

4. Sookie Active Leotard ($29): Yeah, we have a leotard in our closets too. What’s the big deal?

The summer Olympics may not be for a few more years, but you can be a part of the events as a sporty, sparkly gymnast. Or, for those tech-loving ladies out there, why not go as an emoji? Yeah, you heard us, an emoji! It might be time to bring those dancing ladies into the three-dimensional world once and for all.

5. ASOS New Look Trench Coat ($79): What’s more classic than a trench coat? Paired with an umbrella in the spring and used as a windbreaker during fall, this belted outerwear makes any outfit instantly chic, including your Halloween costume.

Trenches evoke an air of mystery. Play up that element as the always elusive Carmen Sandiego or the clumsy yet lovable Inspector Gadget (DIY-ing that propeller hat is a must!). Or try something a little more scandalous and go as Olivia Pope — make sure you always have a glass of vino handy for this option.

6. Nasty Gal Out With the Cold Turtleneck ($15): With autumn fully in swing, it’s time to pull out those sweaters. Yes, you can be cozy and be in character while you trick or treat.

Take your turtleneck for a spin as the brainy Velma from Scooby Doo or copy Jimmy Fallon’s hilariously goofy look from his reoccurring “Tight Pants” skit. Oddly enough, both characters seem to have similar taste, not only in sweaters but in haircuts as well — and both make excellent group and couples costumes!

7. Zeagoo Flannel Button Down ($8): From chokers to flannels, the ’90s are fully back in fashion. Here’s how to make the near-effortless jump from everyday wear to Insta-worthy costume.

Take the decade’s grunge looks to an extreme as a ’90s teen who would give Angela Chase a run for her money with a jean jacket, Docs, and a near constant eye roll in tow. You can also opt for a hipster ensemble, with beanie, expensive coffee, and more.

8. White Button-Down ($68): If you don’t have a classic white button-down in your closet already, use this as an excuse to purchase the versatile wardrobe staple.

Dress to the nines as the world’s favorite nanny, Ms. Mary Poppins or, if your shirt is more oversized, go fully undone as Tom Cruise a la Risky Business. (via Keiko Lynn)

9. H+M Red Dress ($50): This everyday alternative to jeans is also an epic costume in the making. Trust us.

If you own a red maxi, pull it up and turn it into an ultra-simple dress. Pop on a wild wig, print out Thing 1 and 2 signs, and you and your bestie have an excuse to be extra-silly all night long.

10. Lulus Little Black Dress ($67): Ah the little black dress. It’s great on its own but even better when you can use it to become someone (or something) else.

Slip on your LBD and make some wings to fly around as a bat (a very, very cute bat). If you’ve always dreamt about what it might be like to be an Olsen twin, make that fantasy a reality with a coffee cup, oversized shades, and a baggy sweater. Or make jaws drop as the Black Swan with a tutu over a dress to make the look extra-dramatic (but just the dress and some killer makeup will still make a lasting impression).

11. Forever 21 White Dress ($10): Have a simple white dress laying around from your wedding reception? Turns out it can be used for a whole array of costume options.

Option 1: Just add wings and a sparkly headband to become a heavenly angel. Option 2: Take it back to the age of Marilyn. Option 3: Grab some markers and let your kids doodle all over your dress — it’ll be worth it when you pop on a veil to recreate Angelina Jolie’s wedding day look.

12. BDG Denim Shirt ($69): You’re already wearing that chambray shirt 24/7 this fall, so why not make it work on the 31st, too?

Nothing says Halloween like a bit of time travel. Take it back to the ’40s as the oh-so-empowering Rosie the Riveter, or skip forward a few decades and dress as the hoverboard-riding teen, the one and only Marty McFly.

13. Caracilia Faux Fur Coat ($40): If Halloween night usually gets pretty chilly where you are, stay warm and extremely fashionable in floor-length (faux) fur.

Obviously, the ever-rebellious Margot Tenenbaum is our throw-on-and-go frontrunner. But if this Wes Anderson character is a little too monotone for you, go for Disney’s most over-the-top villain, Cruella De Vil. 

14. Urban Outfitters Faux Leather Jacket ($99): Pop a leather jacket on and you’re immediately a little more badass, no matter what day of the year it is.

Rock out as punk royalty Joey Ramone in a Ramones t-shirt, messy black wig, and round sunglasses, or go the bombshell route as Grease’s Sandy. If you ask us, any excuse to wear stellar heels and red lipstick is hard to pass up.

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