DIY parties are kind of our jam. Really though, what better way to spend an afternoon than making cool stuff with your peeps? Today, we’re pairing up with Windsor Vineyards to bring you a quick guide on what you’ll need to make your parDIY one for the books.


Let’s get to it!


1. Get creative with your drink choices: You guys, Windsor Vineyards now makes wine labels that you can color in their Windsor Drink & Draw Party Packs, so you can flex those creative muscles even while you’re sipping some red. They are customizable (you can use a template or design your own), and there is only a two-bottle minimum, though let’s face it — you probably want to get a case :) The wine is award-winning, after all. These babies would also make great birthday presents, don’t you think?


2. Create a DIY supply station: Designate a space for tons of DIY supplies — pens, embroidery thread, washi tape, the works. Even if you have a designated DIY for the night, you may find that you want to mix it up.


3. Make some Insta-worthy apps: Like fancy crostini! These delicious bites are a cinch to make, and they’re seriously beautiful.


4. Bring DIY into the Main Course: Why not have foods that people can DIY too? Go for the classic taco bar or mix it up with a thai lettuce wrap bar. That way, everyone can customize their meal to their liking, and you won’t have to worry about people not feeling the food choices.


5. Make an unexpected dessert: Like… rainbow donuts?! The theme is creativity, so why not get weird? Animal cracker panna cotta and mini ice cream sandwiches are some other quirky yummy options.


6. Bump the jams: This one is a no-brainer. Check out our ParDIY Time Spotify playlist and get ready to turn up the tunes. Dance breaks encouraged :)


Onto the main event – DIY projects! Here are nine of our favorite DIYs to crank out with company.


1. Sculpey Half-Moon Necklace: Because Sculpey is so affordable, this trendy DIY has major bang for its buck. Plus, it’s super easy to customize to your liking — you could add a marble pattern, embellish with gold foil or dip dye with paint. The options are endless!


2. Coloring Printables: Ever the coloring enthusiasts, we made a free printable download of one of our coloring book pages. Time to break out the colored pencils!


3. Botanical Copper Coasters: We’ll let you in on an industry secret: Copper tape makes EVERYTHING look good. Paired with beautiful dried flowers, how could you go wrong?


4. Shrinky Dink Flair Pins: Shrinky Dinks are BACK, people! DIY your denim’s flair with this easy peasy tutorial.


5. Crepe Paper Flower Crowns: This one is a bit more time-intensive, but it’s well worth it. Grab some crepe paper and get wrapping!


6. Copper Leather Tassel: EVERYONE has at least one bag that needs some embellishing, and adding a tassel is a genius way to do it. Look to this tutorial to DIY a classy leather, copper and wooden bead combo.


7. Abstract Wall Art Hack: Abstract painting is actually super easy, you guys. DIY pro Anusha shows you just HOW easy with this awesome DIY (which is also an Anthro hack!).


8. Bag Swag: Our version of making lemonade? Taking that old freebie tote bag and putting a Beyoncé quote on it. Done and done.


9. Mini Woven Necklace: We’re all for gigantic weavings, but they’re not exactly quick to make. DIY this mini woven necklace instead for your next crafternoon. This one is especially appealing for those cozy colder days, don’t you think?


Happy crafting!

Order a custom label and share with us on Instagram using the hashtags #iamcreative #WindsorVineyards and #WVCustomWines. We want to see your designs!

This post is a collaboration with Windsor Vineyards.

Author: Maddie Bachelder