Hidden among a pile of bills and catalogs, a hand-written card arriving in the mailbox is quite the treat. And in the days of email, text, ping and emoticon communication, having something like this to hold onto is a rare occurrence. That’s why we’re big fans of the good ol’ fashion snail mail. Want to know how to make that hand-written card even more special? Just DIY it! We’ve rounded up 17 simple DIYs for handmade cards, envelopes and stationery so you can send your salutations in style. With everything from washi and glitter to stamps and pop outs, these cards are sure to make anyone feel *extra* special.

1. Scripted Washi: Take your stationery game to the next level with this scripted washi tape. Just carve out whatever fits your fancy for a unique card that looks store-bought. (via Omiyage Blogs)

2. Lined in Glitter: Add a bit of umph to plain brown cards with a pretty line of gold glitter. A punchy stamped greeting doesn’t hurt anything either. (via Luri and Wilma)

3. Food Stamps: Make some classy cards with an unexpected DIY tool: a head of radicchio. The cut off end makes for one elegant floral stamp. (via Martha Stewart)

4. Birthday Shapes: If it isn’t obvious by now, we love the oh-so-versatile washi tape. Cut fun birthday-themed shapes for the ultimate DIY Bday card for your bestie. (via Omiyage Blogs)

5. Ombre Watercolor: Brighten up simple white paper with a wash of watercolor. Then write a fun message over top in “liquid frisket,” a latex masking fluid that dries clear and is easy to peel away. (via Damask Love)

6. Beautiful Blooms: Make a statement envelope by folding intricate floral paper using a template that’s easy to find at your local craft store. We’re thinking we might just do this with all of our favorite patterned papers. (via A Fabulous Fete)

7. Wave Your Flag: Here’s another awesome way to use washi tape: Cut small strips of tape into flag shapes to use as bunting. Then string ’em across a blank cut of paper for a festive notecard. (via Decorator’s Notebook)

8. Heart Stopper: Want to show a little love to someone special? Follow this clever DIY to form a sweet pop-up heart card. (via Brit + Co)

9. Marbleized: This smart DIY uses contact paper to create a beautifully marbled envelope. Now who wouldn’t be psyched to open that? (via Fall for DIY)

10. Flower Power: Enter the third dimension when you follow this fun tutorial for a pop-up floral bouquet card. The best part? It’ll last much longer than real flowers. (via Martha Stewart)

11. Totally Edgy: Washi tape strikes again. This time the tape dresses up envelopes by adding a little something extra to the edge. And how precious is that doily? (via Omiyage Blogs)

12. Pattern Play: Use common household items to create funky patterns for your stationery, like the twine-turned-stamp above. (via SF Gate)

13. Glittery Greetings: Say it in glitter — these gold embossed cards look totally high-end, but you can easily make them at home. (via Damask Love)

14. Bright Lines: Keep your stationery looking both minimal and memorable by lining the edges of cards and envelopes in bright poster paint markers. It adds just the right amount of pop. (via Martha Stewart)

15. Cool Calligraphy: Put your lettering skills to the test by addressing an envelope in contrasting colors and scripts; this blog has some solid tips for hand-lettering newbies. (via Oh So Beautiful Paper)

16. Gilded in Gold: Gold dots make everything better. A pencil eraser and gold paint are all you need to add a bit of glam to some plain cards or envelopes. (via Classy Clutter)

17. Paper Balloons: Pop-up cards don’t have to be complicated. This easy-to-follow DIY keeps the work minimal but the appearance high-impact with cute, colorful balloons. (via Oh Happy Day)

18. Golden Surprise: Keep the goods hidden until your lucky recipient opens her card. Once she takes a peek she’ll be dazzled by fancy gold glitter and a whole lotta love. (via Funkytime Magazine)

Which stationery DIY are you dying to try? Tell us in the comments below!