We are serious dog lovers, and considering almost half of all U.S. households own pets, we’re betting you adore them, too. But for all their adorable qualities, dogs have a knack for ruining your favorite stuff and acting out in pretty strange ways. It’s time to put an end to the bad behavior and the dog shaming Facebook posts that follow — there’s finally a dog whisperer you can call any day.

The American Kennel Club’s new GoodDog Helpline is a magical toll free number that immediately puts you in touch with an expert trainer. Pay a one-time fee of $80 and you have access to a staff of dog experts every day of the week.

The service is awesome for anyone, but especially pet owners in transition. Did you just get a second pet? The trainers can walk you through tips to help them get along. Say you just got a puppy. Well, we promise that $80 fee won’t sound so steep compared to the endless amount of rugs your pup could potentially pee on and sofas he might gnaw through. So go ahead, make the investment and watch the magic happen.

PureWow gave the service a try and found the staff to be helpful with everything from lunging at other dogs to excessive licking. The trainers provide tips and tricks for almost any type of issue you might see in your pup. Some require work from your pet, like training them to trade your brand new flats for their actual chew toy. Others just require a little effort on your part, like locking the trash away so the dog won’t be tempted. Try the service and you just may discover your pup no longer begs at the table for those juicy burgers.

Have your dogs ever behaved badly? Would a service like the GoodDog Helpline improve their behavior? Share how you went from “bad dog” to “gooood dog” below!

(h/t PureWow)