The best gifts are food gifts, but when your foodie friend has just moved into their first apartment, they may need more than an exotic subscription box or the latest cookbooks to fill up their new (read: empty) kitchen. Finding the best gift for a food lover can be a challenge — which vegetable is trending on Google and which one is so last year?? — but fortunately they’re starting with a clean slate. Make their first kitchen the kitchen of their dreams with these 17 foodie-appropriate gifts.


1. Marble Mortar and Pestle ($100): If anyone knows how to actually use one of these things, it’s a foodie. They’ll credit you every time they grind out some seriously delicious chai tea or pesto.


2. Gather Journal ($20): Fuel their love of all things edible with this recipe-packed magazine. Its take on food is a bit like your friend’s (totally different) and teaches things like how to see a fruit’s aura. Holiday dinner conversations just got a lot more interesting.


3. French Market Tote ($50): Turn every trip to the corner market into a French-inspired adventure with this woven tote. There’s plenty of room for a baguette or two.


4. Donut Ornaments ($23): The kitchen doesn’t have to have all the fun. Christmas decorations are usually the last thing on new tenants’ minds — let them decorate their first tree in true foodie fashion: covered in donuts.


5. Stovetop Popcorn Popper ($30): Any popcorn connoisseur knows to bypass the microwave when it comes to making perfectly popped corn. Once it’s done, top it with some exotic truffle salt.


6. Pickling Crock Set ($70): This handmade crock is the perfect size for making mini batches of pickled things. Even if you can’t think of anything beyond cucumbers, the foodies among us probably already have fifteen things they can’t wait to dip into the brine.


7. Deluxe Cheese Kit ($50): Whether you want fresh mozzarella for your pizza or a block of paneer for that curry recipe, this huge kit makes ’em all, plus three other types.


8. Nudo Olive Oil ($85): When stocking a first apartment, it’s overwhelming enough to pick up all the basics, let alone pick out gourmet versions of the basics. Treat your foodie to some quality olive oil with flavored picks like fiery chili, lemon and garlic.


9. Coffee of the Month ($66, three-month subscription): A true friend always makes sure there is coffee in the house, and with this subscription, you can make sure they’re drinking nothing but the finest.


10. de Buyer Mandolin ($100): Take the chopping game to a whole new level with this great gadget. Whether they’re trying to make apple chips or potato chips, they’ll thank you for the hours of slicing you just saved them.


11. Green Herbal Tea Kit ($40): The only thing better than a warm cup of tea is enjoying a cup of tea that you crafted yourself. With nine herbs and three different kinds of green tea, you can mix and match flavors until you find your favorite.


12. Global Six Piece Knife Set ($645): A good knife set is a lasting investment, and will be treasured from their first apartment to their first home.


13. Artisanal Bamboo Salt Chest ($130): Any foodie fanatic will be itching to get their fingers into these 24 unique salt flavors, and the bamboo and glass display case means they won’t have to worry about finding cabinet space for their new collection.


14. Le Creuset Signature 10 Piece Set ($1860, full set): Even if you just pick up one or two pieces, Le Creuset is the king of cookware. The cast iron set essentials are perfect for setting up a new kitchen since each piece is great to cook with and doubles as an attractive serving dish.


15. Chimex Eight Cup Coffee Maker ($45): A first-apartment kitchen is a great place to get multipurpose utensils, especially when you’re low on space. Not only does the Chimex make a great cup of non-bitter, perfectly brewed coffee, but it can also be used for tea, iced coffee and drink infusions.


16. Copper Garlic Press ($20): A true foodie doesn’t have time to press garlic by hand, like a common cook. They have bigger fish to fry. Literally. The ergonomic handle makes pressing a breeze and prevents hands from smelling like garlic for the rest of the week.


17. Hella Bitters Old Fashioned Kit ($65): Include a bottle of whiskey with this bitters kit for a gift that is sure to be a hit. The kit makes around 20 cocktails, so there’s a good chance you’ll get a taste. #winning

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