Photo shoots happen a lot at Brit HQ 鈥 at least several a day, actually. I was recently in a photo shoot where I had to wear super dark, vampy lipstick (stay tuned for that post soon), but was without my trusty clear lip liner that I use for *all* lip colors I wear. Clear lip liner is great because it鈥檚 always a guaranteed color match. Without it, I was a bit nervous how the lipstick would look, so I tapped our makeup queen extraordinaire Misty Spinney for advice. What she told me was simply genius and has forever changed my outlook on lip liner 鈥 and Halloween makeup!


Use eyeliner as lip liner in a pinch! That鈥檚 right, if you don鈥檛 have lip liner on hand, grab an eyeliner shade that will work with whatever lip color you鈥檙e going for. Pucker up and swipe it on, because it works just the same, if not better. In my case, I was putting on a dark lipstick, so I used *black* eyeliner as my lip liner. I definitely recommend using a pencil eyeliner for this hack 鈥 a gel or liquid won鈥檛 work 鈥 because the tip needs to be stiff.

Carefully line your lips with the eyeliner as you would with lip liner. Yes, you will look a littttle crazy at first when you have nothing but black eyeliner on your lips, but once you put on your lip color, it鈥檒l all blend together. The eyeliner stays on really long too, so it鈥檚 perfect for when you鈥檒l need a vampy lip for your all-night Halloween party ;) This is a Halloween makeup hack I鈥檒l be using this year for sure.

Do you have any Halloween makeup hacks? Share yours in the comments below!