Candy, scary movies and pumpkins might be a big part of why we love Halloween, but the real treat lies in the costume. Everything from picking out the initial idea to the nitty-gritty details gives us cause to celebrate, and we’d be lying if we said we weren’t already scouring the web for the perfect makeup tutorial. We’ve shared a few of our fave tutorials inspired by our fave ladies, but now it’s the fellas’ time to shine. Scroll on for 15 favorite Halloween makeup looks that are sure to wow this year.

1. “Iron” Man: Fans of the punny will get a kick out of this tutorial, which is a very literal take on the classic superhero’s name. (via Shonagh Scott)

2. Skull: We’re not sure whether to be incredibly impressed by the details or just plain terrified of how creepy this one looks. Needless to say, it’s a spooky face that’s sure to turn heads this year. (via Alex Faction)

3. Beetlejuice: Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice! 25+ years later, this famous character’s look is still going strong as a Halloween favorite. (via Pinkstylist)

4. A Little Bit of Everything: Zombie? Beetlejuice? A terrifying chef? They’re all here in this fantastic tutorial, giving you a whole bunch of inspiration for the holiday. (via Hayley Jones)

5. Guy Fawkes: V for Vendetta made this mask a popular costume choice for Halloween, but why buy the mask when you can create it on your own? (via Courtney Little)

6. Edward Scissorhands: Tim Burton’s creepy-yet-sweet character is a great choice for both the gentlemen and the ladies. Jen Pike gives some great tips on how to get the scarred face of our fave scissor-handed antihero. (via Jen Pike)

7. Wolverine: Hugh Jackman might be rocking a slightly different appearance in the movie, but if you want to channel the character’s comic book origins, then this awesome tutorial is the way to go. (via Olga’s Face and Body Art)

8. Tony Stark/Iron Man: In case the literal take on our fave Avenger wasn’t quite your cup of tea, this take uses face paint to create both Tony Stark and his alter-ego, Iron Man. It’s a fun and spooky idea that would be awesome to try this October 31. (via LOL Workshop)

9. Grim Reaper: Our own dark circles aren’t looking quite so bad in comparison to the dead eyes of this guy. The Grim Reaper comes to life in this fantastic tutorial that has us even more excited for All Hallows’ Eve. (via KaPi Make-Up)

10. Spider-Man: Everyone’s favorite neighborhood hero is a surprisingly easy costume to emulate. A little face paint is all you’ll need to copy the superhero’s look. (via Olga’s Face and Body Art)

11. Vampire: Forget the sparkling vamps of Twilight lore: THIS is the real spooky classic we want to see trick-or-treating alongside us. (via MexxFashion)

12. The Joker: Kylie Jenner gave us tips on making our lips a bit fuller, but here’s a creepier way to put your lipstick to use. Elongate your smile with this version made famous by the devilish Joker. (via Ben Makeup Artist)

13. Zombie: We’ve seen a lot of zombies in our day, but this Warm Bodies-inspired getup might just be our favorite. It’s part scary and part — dare we say — stylish? You’ve never seen a zombie like this before. (via Michelle Phan)

14. Scar: This one might have left us a little speechless. Marc Zapanata turns into our favorite feline villain right before our eyes, and it’s giving us some major makeup inspiration. (via Marc Zapanata)

15. Ghost: Scrap the idea of cutting a few holes in a sheet and calling it a day. Rock this makeup and you might give Casper a run for his money. (via Alex Faction)

Which is your favorite Halloween look for the guys? Let us know in the comments below!