AAAAACK! SO MANY THINGS TO WATCH THIS WEEK! (Okay, we鈥檒l take a minute to breathe and calm down before we fill you in on everything that鈥檚 new to stream.) Not only do we have a whole slew of shows coming back for new seasons, there鈥檚 also a batch of newbies hot and fresh out the kitchen to boot. So, without further ado, here鈥檚 everything you should add to your queue this weekend. We鈥檒l see you on Monday!



1. Crisis in Six Scenes on Amazon: Woody Allen is back with a six-part, exclusive-to-Amazon series about the Vietnam War. In typical Woody fashion, it鈥檚 every bit as much about the insane characters who lived back then as the actual storyline, one of which is played by Miley Cyrus (!!!!). (Photo via Amazon)


2. Marvel鈥檚 Luke Cage on Netflix: If you鈥檙e a sucker for superhero shows, Netflix has your new obsession. This series about a hoodie-wearing crime fighter in Harlem (fans of Jessica Jones might recognize him as Jessica鈥檚 former paramour) is already getting lots of attention for those anti-hero vibes we just can鈥檛 seem to resist. (Photo via Netflix)


3. Speechless on Hulu: This new family show from ABC is already making waves for its casting of Micah Fowler, an actor with cerebral palsy. If nothing else, watch it in support of this ground-breaking advancement for actors with disabilities. (Photo via ABC)



4. Empire on Hulu: The all-new season of Empire just started, and we can鈥檛 wait to catch up with a weekend binge of this fan-favorite about the head of a hip-hop empire and his family. Oh, and if you鈥檝e been regularly following along, PLEASE get in touch with any fan theories regarding the show鈥檚 weddings before viewing to make it that much sweeter. (Photo via FOX)


5. Madam Secretary on CBS: If you can鈥檛 seem to get enough election season coverage, there鈥檚 plenty more (fantasy world) to be found in the new season of Madam Secretary. And, of course, there鈥檚 more pantsuits and drama too. (Photo via CBS)


6. Shameless on Showtime: Growing up with an alcoholic father isn鈥檛 easy, and yet, Showtime somehow managed to turn this (fictional) tragic situation into a must-watch dramedy that won鈥檛 let you go. The seventh season just became available, which obviously means we鈥檙e cancelling all of our plans to watch it. (Photo via Showtime)


7. Transparent on Amazon: Season three of Amazon鈥檚 (arguably) most successful original show is out, and you can bet we鈥檒l be streaming our way through it as rapidly as humanly possible. This season, the members of the Pfefferman family are going their separate ways on journeys of self-discovery that look as hysterical and heart-wrenching as ever. (Photo via Amazon)


8. How to Get Away With Murder on Hulu: It鈥檚 baaaaaaaaack: The all-new season of HTGAWM just landed, and we鈥檙e fighting every urge to sign up for law school just to suss out everyone鈥檚 sinister secrets. (Photo via ABC)



9. Portlandia on Netflix: The dream of the 鈥90s is alive on Netflix (again). The streaming service just put up a new season of the cult sketch comedy favorite, meaning you鈥檝e got a brand new excuse to ditch out on those less-than-stellar plans to stay in and binge! You鈥檙e welcome. (Photo via IFC)

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(Photo via ABC)