Being a parent in a high-tech world can be hard. Between iPhones, iPads and iEverything else, staying in the know with the latest and greatest trends can feel a lot like keeping up with the Jetsons. You want your kiddo to have cool stuff, but also good-for-them (and you) stuff too. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. From a runaway alarm to a “grow with you” bed, here are some cool high-tech appliances both you and your kids would love to have in their room.


1. Mother ($299): Ever wish you had eyes in the back of your head? Well, we have a much more attractive (and less creepy) solution. You can place this nifty device and its little “cookies” in your kiddo’s room to keep track of what they’re doing. Are they brushing their teeth? Are they in bed? The cookies send data straight to your handheld device, so now your kids will really believe you have eyes everywhere.


2. Giant Piano Mat ($100): Have a real life Tom Hanks Big moment with this awesome piano mat. Practice makes perfect, right?


3. Side Light Bed Rail ($99): Safety never looked so stylish. Help your little one transition to a big kid bed with this dual rail/LED night light. Plus, it’s partially made of see-through mesh so you can keep an eye on your babe from afar.


4. Nanda Home Clocky ($40): Is your kiddie having trouble getting up in the morning? Instead of chasing around their siblings, they can try to catch this runaway alarm clock.


5. Lümen Bluetooth Smart Bulb ($60): It’s never too early to teach them about saving energy. Install these bulbs and control them with the tap of your mobile device. They even have multiple colors, so you and your fave tiny person can have a dance party on the fly.


6. Cloud b Twinkles To Go Octo ($20): Let this adorable octopus night light projector lull your wee one to sleep with starfish and bubbles. It’s super ideal for kids who have trouble sleeping away from home.


7. Pottery Barn Kids Retro Red Kitchen Collection ($300-$700): Imaginations will run wild with this awesome retro kitchen. Before you know it, the kids will be offering to cook Thanksgiving dinner.


8. Duux Air Purifier ($75): This fancy air purifier also works as a night light, so your little one can breathe and sleep peacefully. Plus, its chic design is anything but an eyesore.


9. Ubooly ($30): Think of this as a much cuter (and furrier) version of Siri for kids. Ubooly is an app that interacts with children to help make learning more fun and imaginative. And who doesn’t want that?


10. Light Headed Twin Shaker Bed ($499): Now your little one will really have Frozen stuck in (or near) their head. This light-up headboard — featuring various animated movie “posters” — will make going to bed the coolest thing they do all day.


11. SleepIQ Kids (prices vary): This high-tech mattress actually grows with your kid. It adjusts settings as your little kid becomes a big kid, and you can even control its settings through your mobile device. Oh, and it also alerts you when your little rascal sneaks out of bed too.

What high tech appliances do your kids love? Let us know in the comments below!