As the air becomes a little bit brisker, we find ourselves wanting to get a wee bit cozier. And there’s really nothing like home cookin’ in the fall and winter months. So, for today’s tech roundup, we turn to the art of eating in. Whether you’re a shortcut chef, calorie counter, or farm-to-table junkie, here are 10 apps, gadgets and doodads that will make supper at home even more creative, efficient, and local.

1. Gojee: If you don’t know where to start, Gojee is a great place to head for inspiration. It features gorgeously curated food and drink recipes from food bloggers all over, and lets you figure out what you can make with ingredients you already have. Genius! (Free for iPhone and Android)

2. Shortcut Chef Parts 1 and 2: You know we love shortcuts, especially in the kitchen. When you’re delving into the world of home cooking, these 24 tools will most definitely help your cause.

3. Locavore: This app shows you what produce is in season, the nearest farmer’s markets for finding fruits and veggies, and even suggests recipes based on the season. Love it! (Free for iPhone and Android)

4. Harvest: Now that you know where to buy the produce, what about figuring out how to select it? Harvest helps you select the freshest, ripest, healthiest produce, shows typical pesticide levels, and recommends the best ways to store your produce. ($1.99 for iPhone)

5. This Is A Cookbook: Featured last week here on, This Is A Cookbook is a new kind of cookbook, for the digital generation. Brothers Max and Eli Sussman created an interactive cookbook complete with digital and physical versions, photos, and playlists.

6. Tablet Kitchen Stand + Wand: When you’re looking at recipes in the kitchen, it can be a pain to wash and dry your hands every 2 minutes because you need to use your tablet. This stand features a touchscreen wand making it a breeze to use even if your hands are dirty.

7. Chef Sleeves: Or if you really need to get those cookie dough-covered fingers on the screen, cover your tablet with a Chef Sleeve. Also helps protect your tablet from unexpected spills! Works for smartphones too!

8. Pinterest: Ok ok. We know this one isn’t a food app or gadget BUT it is the perfect place to find and share your favorite recipes in a beautiful, visual way. Plus, the mobile apps make it even better!

9. ZipList: Speaking of Pinterest, ZipList makes it super simple to turn your favorite pins into grocery lists! You can easily search and save recipes from all over the web, and keep them in a meal planner for upcoming dinners and lunches.

10. Graze Herb Stripper: Finally, a new kitchen gadget concept. This doodad makes it easy to prep herbs for cooking. No one loves the task of pulling rosemary leaves off a rosemary stem. Graze makes it easy, and the comb-like shape has a variety of widths for all the herbs in your garden. Graze is currently in production over at Quirky.

Stay tuned for yet another installment of even more must-haves for the shortcut chef in the coming weeks.

What are your favorite apps and gadgets for cooking up a storm at home? Let us know in the comments below or come say hi on Twitter.