Just like that, summer is almost over, and soon the kiddos will be heading back to school. You already have a ton of bento box ideas for their lunch, but what about breakfast? No-bake granola bars are great, but nothing gets kids excited *quite* like their favorite cereal. If cereal bars are your go-to for running out the door, then you will love these easy homemade versions. Grab a cup of coffee and read through these 18 DIY cereal bars that will make you eligible for mom of the year.

{No-Bake} Samoa Peanut Butter Cereal Bars by ---- @LifeMadeSweeter

1. No-Bake Samoa Peanut Butter Cereal Bars: You may only be able to buy your favorite Girl Scout Cookies once a year, but you can make these cereal bars whenever you want. They utilize both Rice Krispies AND Golden Grahams, so you can use up all that cereal in your pantry. (via Life Make Sweeter)


2. No-Bake Sweet and Salty Cereal Bars: Sometimes you crave salty; sometimes you crave sweet. For the times you can’t make up your mind, these cereal bars will solve your dilemma. Add in your favorite candy for a little midday treat. (via Deliciously Yum)


3. Chocolate Chip Fluffernutter Bars: Kids LOVE Honey Nut Cheerios, but that doesn’t mean the adults won’t like these as well. They only have a handful of ingredients, so the whole family can get involved in the cooking process. (via Like Mother Like Daughter)


4. Cinnamon Sugar White Chocolate Crunch Bars: Whether you like your Cinnamon Toast Crunch soaked in milk or dry as a bone, you’ll be SO into these bars. In addition to the cereal, there are cinnamon chips and white chocolate chips for even more sweetness. (via Life, Love and Sugar)


5. Cookie Cereal Marshmallow Treats: Talk about a blast from the past! Now that we’re adults, we have the joy of sharing our favorite childhood cereals with our kids. Spend a lazy Saturday morning making these with your mini-me and create memories for a lifetime. (via Big Bear’s Wife)

dark chocolate almons

6. No-Bake Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Cheerio Bars With Flax: These may look like any other cereal bar, but they have a secret healthy ingredient that your kids otherwise probably wouldn’t touch — flaxseed meal. Between that and almond butter, they’ll stay full and happy for hours. (via Ambitious Kitchen)


7. Sprinkle Donut Marshmallow Bars: Why should you choose between a sprinkle donut and a cereal? These cereal bars combine the best of both worlds into a sweet and cheery snack anyone would love to find in their lunch box. (via Cookies and Cups)


8. Gluten-Free Peanut Butter Cereal Protein Bars: Thankfully, there are so many more options these days for gluten-free treats that kids can enjoy without risk. If your little one has an intolerance, you’ll want to have recipes like this one around at all times. (via Plating Pixels)


9. Healthy Three Ingredient Cereal Bars: All you need to make these simple bars are cereal, peanut butter and a sweetener of your choice. Even the most culinarily challenged can whip these up in a snap. (via The Big Man’s World)


10. Honeycomb Marshmallow Treats: These bars have an unexpected crunch from salted peanuts and use marshmallows to hold everything together. Of course, you can’t have Honeycomb treats without a touch of real honey mixed in. (via Lemon Tree Dwelling)


11. Lucky Charms Treats: Nostalgia’s about to hit you really hard, and it’s perfectly acceptable to make something because it brings both you AND your child joy. Plus, they’ll be more than happy to share this special tidbit with you. (via A Pumpkin and a Princess)


12. Customizable Milk and Cereal Bars: You know those cereal bars you can buy that have the solidified milk on them? Choose a more natural approach and frost your homemade cereal bars with a smear of your favorite yogurt. You’ll still get the same milk and cereal effect, but without all of the unnecessary chemicals. (via Chocolate Covered Katie)


13. No-Bake Breakfast Cereal Bars: Compromise is key with kids. With these no-bake bars, they get two of their favorite cereals and you get the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve added protein and nutrients from peanut butter and dried fruit. (via Dinner at the Zoo)


14. Peanut Butter and Chocolate Cereal Bars: Even if you think you have no time for homemade cereal bars, you can find 10 minutes for these no-bake goodies. You may want to save them for dessert, though, unless you want your kids bouncing off the walls first thing in the morning. (via A Treats Affair)


15. Rainbow Bars: Got a grumpy kid? Give them one of these multi-colored fruit cereal treats and they’re bound to cheer up in a hurry. (via Bloom Designs)


16. Reese’s Puffs Cereal Bars: Your bake sales will never be the same once you start making these. They’re affordable and easy to make, which means a wider profit margin for you and the soccer team. (via A Pumpkin and a Princess)


17. Strawberry Shortcake No-Bake Treat Bars: Freeze-dried strawberries are the secret to the insane flavor in these bars. Immediately cut them into squares once they’re set and pre-package them for on-the-go snacks all week. (via Iowa Girl Eats)


18. No-Bake Peanut Butter Chex Bars: Dessert could be on its way in 10 minutes or less if you start right now. These are so easy a kid could do it, so put your little minions to work! (via Six Sisters’ Stuff)

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