Friday was truly an historic day for human rights and in the land of tying the knot. SCOTUS’ ruling in favor of same-sex couples nationwide to wipe the term “gay marriage” from our vocabulary and redefine it as simply “marriage” has finally given LGBT people throughout the US the right to wed no matter what state they live in. Seriously though, why did this take so long?!

how to wedding officiant

With the imminent rush of thousands of weddings that will be happening over the next couple of months thanks to the ruling (we <3 you RBG, Sotomayor + Kagan! #squadgoals) and the fact that we’re also in the midst of wedding season (AHHH!), the big question that may be popped from your BFF is “Will you officiate my wedding?” instead of “Will you be my bridesmaid/groomsman?” Here is the two-step process to efficiently getting ordained in time for your bestie’s nuptials.

1. Getting Ordained Is Easier Than Writing That Memorable Reception Speech: If you’re not already a clergy person, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed by the big officiant question. Luckily for you, getting up in front of your engaged friends + their guests and officially wed them actually isn’t all that terrifying. You can actually get ordained online or simply becoming a temporary officiant –> here’s who can officiate + where.

2. There *IS* Fact Checking Involved: This is the only un-fun part: fact checking. In order to make that marriage you’re planning on residing over legal and not meaningless, you must check with your state’s requirements (FYI, they’ve all got different rules + regulations, some much stricter than others) and acquire all the essential docs. Sign all the paperwork, complete all the tasks and then you can let your favorite bride or groom kiss their newlywed.

SparkNotes version: Say “yes” to your friends’ officiant request, Google your state’s requirements to make sure you can take the easiest route to the altar, complete those necessities and then write that personalized speech before the big “I do!” Then, drink + dance the night away, of course ;)

Are you considering becoming ordained for a friend or family member’s wedding? Share your process with us in the comments.

(h/t Bustle)