National Ice Cream Day might be behind us, but it’s still Ice Cream Week around here so we’re definitely not saying goodbye to the creamy, sweet treat anytime soon. In fact, we’re working hard to come up with as many different ice cream recipes as we can while the weather’s hot and the sun is plentiful. Take a peek at these 20 epic ice cream float recipes we’ve found, and feel free to indulge a little.

1. Cherry Cola Milkshake Float: Cherry cola is so good, they made a song about it — remember that one? Good luck getting that one out of your head… (via Boulder Locavore)

2. Vanilla Coke Float Shooters: These little float shots will surely satisfy your dessert craving without going overboard. (via Jessiker Bakes)

3. Chocolate Espresso Hazelnut Float: So many flavors, so much goodness! (via The Kitchen Prep)

4. Dirty Dr. Pepper Float: If dirty means adding coconut and lime, then we definitely like it dirty! (via Creme de la Crumb)

5. Strawberry Rhubarb Float: There are tons of ways to make food and drinks with rhubarb. This refreshing, juicy choice is top on our list, though. (via I’m Bored, Let’s Go)

6. Guinness Float: Adults only! This alcoholic option is a great way to wind down after a long, hot summer day. (via Salt Pepper Skillet)

7. Shirley Temple Ice Cream Float: A childhood favorite is seein’ a new twist, and we’re all about reliving our youth this way. (via Tikkido)

8. Hot Chocolate Float: For those rainy, chillier days when you’re craving a winter classic mixed with a summer fave. (via Sugar Hero)

9. Strawberry Ice Cream Float: Strawberries are at their finest this season. Take advantage of them however you can, as fudge or in a float. (via Grandbaby Cakes)

10. Vanilla Bean Root Beer Float: Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a classic root beer float? (via Damn Delicious)

11. Peach Pie Ice Cream Float: Peach pie in the form of a float? Score! We’re going to need lots of summer peaches. (via Grandbaby Cakes)

12. Thai Iced Tea Float: If you’re a tea addict, try out this spin on the popular drink. With some Thai flavors and a soft dollop of ice cream, you won’t need any extra cream or sugar. (via Honestly Yum)

13. Mini Chocolate Stout Brownie Sundae Float: Holy dessert! We’ve hit the jackpot with this concoction! (via Half Baked Harvest)

14. Pomegranate Orange Ice Cream Float: Fresh and fruity, just the way we like it. (via Good Life Eats)

15. Malted Milk Ball Shake Float: Five ingredients and one blender are needed to whip up this half-shake, half-float. Simple and tasty! (via Coupon Clipping Cook)

16. Piña Colada Float: Escape on a tropical vacation every time your lips taste this pineapple coconut treat. (via Cooking Classy)

17. Cherry Cheesecake Float: We’ve come up with tons of ways to throw cheesecake into our diet, but mixing it with cherries in an ice cold float is easily the dreamiest. (via Brave Tart)

18. Orange Creamsicle Float: We’ll take the flavors of an orange creamsicle in any form… seriously. (via Brave Tart)

19. Raspberry Orange Sherbet Float: When it comes to floats, there are a lot of really yummy fruit combos to try out. How will we ever choose? (via The Fresh Fridge)

20. Russian Root Beer Float Cocktail: Another option for the grown ups in the group. We hadn’t thought of Kahlua and root beer forming a partnership, but, now that it’s been suggested, we’re totally on board. (via The Cocktail Blog)

Which of these ice cream floats has your mouth watering? Share your favorite float recipes with us in the comments below!