John Legend and Chrissy Teigen’s A Legendary Christmas TV special was full of old-school variety show goodness like skits, songs, and more than two dozen celebrity cameos. It also featured lots of little nods to the couple’s playful relationship — including an unexpected homage to a certain meme that Teigen loves to use to troll her husband.

In a recurring sketch during the holiday special, two-time cookbook author Teigen and Legend competed to determine which of them made the best mac and cheese. When Teigen eventually won, Legend feigned anger that he lost, and as his wife proudly removed his Academy Award from the mantle to replace it with her mac and cheese trophy, he scowled and stared into the camera before the camera cut to a close up of his clenched fist.

The bit was a nod to the famous Arthur meme. Teigen has long loved to point out how much Legend looks like the popular children’s cartoon character, and Legend himself has been very in on the joke, even referencing the meme, which enjoyed a few viral weeks back in 2016, when he appeared in a recent Google campaign.

The joke was a perfect example of their dynamic, which, while often loving and affectionate, also tends to include lots of playful trolling. At one point in A Legendary Christmas, Teigen also bragged to Legend that she made more money than him, and told fans on Twitter that she was simply trying to keep the EGOT winner humble. Perfection.

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(photo via Trae Patton/NBC)