Khloe Kardashian is no one hit wonder. Just this year she has released a GF socializing app, shared the best parts of her workout routine and even let us get a peek at her fab fitness closet. But did you know this Kardashian sister also has home decor secrets up her sleeve? She showed off her homemaking skills in a recent video on her just-launched site (yep, Kim, Kylie, Kendall and Kourtney weren鈥檛 the only ones to get their own URLs this week) by revealing her unique cookie jar-filling routine that鈥檚 so cute it jus might break Pinterest.

Khloe kicked off a series on Khloe With a K titled KHLO-C-D and the first video focused on exactly how she gets the contents of her glass cookie jar to look so beautifully organized. That method to her madness, as she calls it, has to do with creating careful stacks of snacks.

She shared that after she posted an Instagram of a gorgeous floral arrangement, people kept commenting and asking about the cookie jar in the background, so she figured she鈥檇 share her secret because she knows we all want a kitchen as impressive as hers ;)

In the vid, Khloe swears this technique only takes 5 to 10 minutes and that she does it once a month because 鈥渓ike you pay your rent you鈥檙e gonna redo your cookie jars,鈥 plus, it keeps the cookie stash fresh. To get your own cookie jar to become gorgeously stacked and lookin鈥 like a statement piece in your kitchen, all you鈥檝e gotta do, according to Khlomoney, is get a two gallon glass jar, grab your cookies of choice (her faves are Double Stuffed Oreos) and stack away by starting at the edge and working your way around and up. Pro tip c/o the future soon-to-be author, don鈥檛 place any cookies on the inside of the rings (except for the base layer), as that鈥檚 a waste of cookies ;)

She also swears she doesn鈥檛 replace cookies when someone eats one because she鈥檚 not 鈥渃razy, just organized.鈥 Now get to stacking those cookies in the jar!

Do you stack the cookies in your cookie jar like Khloe does? Let us know your techniques in the comments.

(Photo via Valerie Macon/Getty + @khloekardashian)