2015 is going to be life changing. Or it could be, if these freakin’ sweet projects get funded. Leave it to Kickstarter to give us a glimpse at things we need, yet can’t buy. From home security solutions to stylish backpacks and practical kitchen appliances, there are some seriously innovative creations in the works. Here is the first crop of best ideas that Kickstarter has to offer.


1. Butter Crayon: Look, we’ve all been there. You just whipped up a stack of pancakes or made yourself some toast, and your breakfast is just begging for a little butter. But then your hands end up greasy and the butter refuses to go on easily. Enter the butter crayon. It’s great for baking (it can withstand 450 degrees), goes on evenly and doesn’t get your hands all gross. What kitchendoesn’t need this?


2. A Better Keyboard for Your iPhone: Touch screens are great, but between wrong-word autorcorrections and needing both hands to text, the iPhone hasn’t perfected the keyboard just yet. This invention attempts to change that by making it easier and faster to type. With swiping abilities, one tap emojis and word prompts, users can finally text with just one hand.


3. The Coolest Remote Ever: Even if you don’t have four remote controls stacked on your coffee table, there’s no way your big clunking one is as stylish as this remote. The SPIN Remote uses bluetooth connectivity and can detect motion, rotation, orientation and touch. It knows what to do (turn up the volume or change the channel) based on how it’s held. Synched with an app on your phone, it makes your living room just a little bit smarter.


4. Zipperless Luggage: It’s no secret we’re BIG fans of this project. Inspired by the overhead compartments on airplanes, the Trunkster makes it easier to get into your suitcase. It also comes with a removable battery and USB port so you can charge your phone, a digital scale so you know exactly how much your suitcase weighs and GPS so you know where your luggage is at all times. It’s about time luggage evolved, right?


5. The No-Training Wheels Way to Teach a Kid to Ride a Bike: The ZumZum teaches kids to ride a bike through balance and peddling with their feet. The natural suspension keeps kids safe and makes them less afraid of falling. It’s also adjustable to accommodate those big kids who still haven’t mastered two-wheeling yet. Safety and a minimalist design? We’re sold.


6. The Perfect Backpack for Girls on the Go: The Invisible Backpack is about to make life easier for all those busy people on the go (guilty!). Not only does it help your belongings lay flat, so you’re not knocking into everyone behind you, but the side pockets also make it easier to get in and out of it without taking the bag off. It also has a waterproof interior, so your laptop is guaranteed to stay dry, even if it’s raining out.


7. A Magazine for the Deaf Community: DEAFinitely would be the first magazine for the deaf community, which would totally rock. This magazine is specifically made to preserve the ASL community and language, as well as share personal stories they can relate to.


8. Tiny Device, Big Security Protection: This little device not only looks chic, it also has a built-in camera and motion-sensor technology, so it can track movement in the dark. It can see, hear and track intruders, and it records it on the camera so you have something concrete to give the police.


9. The Alarm Clock That Will Get You to That AM Workout: If working out in the morning remains a lofty goal, this alarm clock could change your life. It forces you to get out of bed and enter a code to defuse the alarm. The idea behind it is once your brain is actively working, you’ll be less likely to hide under the covers. That means no more excuses — this time, it’s really time to get up.

Which idea do you think is the most genius? Sound off in the comments!