FINALLY! Someone who understands our love of La Coix has come along to grace us with the ultimate ode to the eponymous drink. You already know the drill: We’re all about that #LaCroixLife, having made both cocktails and mocktails this summer and even fallen head-over-heels for the La Croix popsicles that will keep us refreshed all year long. So when it came time to further declare our love for this favorite beverage, we were at a loss on how to do it. Until YouTube user RAKEEM came along, that is.

Just like our very own never-ending thirst for the *oh SO special* flavors of the sparkling water that we can’t help obsessing over, Rakeem seems to have a window into our La Croix-loving souls. From those amazing eyebrows (DID YOU SEE THEM?!) to wishing he was Beyoncé’s daughter (um, like the rest of us, obvi), this hysterical music video tells the truth of our addiction and we’re not even the least bit ashamed.

There are so many genius lyrics that we can relate to. Including, of course, that “they might be the one.” Who needs bae when you have a drink that “brings you joy?” It may be just carbonated water, but he reminds us that there’s no artificial sweeteners and it’s even sodium-free. Dropping just as many facts as love for the beverage, this song is the only love song we need this summer.

So pop open a can of cran-raspberry or citrus to quench your thirst, and then hit play on the video below. Now let’s sing along: “When you’re sipping on La Croix, you know it brings you joy.”

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