OMG. OMG. OMG. Broadway lovers, it seems like we’ve been hoping and praying for a day like this. A Tony award-winning musical and one of the most popular shows on Broadway for the better part of the last two decades is finally caving and starting a lottery system for tickets. We’re talking about The Lion King, folks. The show has been one of the highest grossing productions on Broadway in New York City for 18 years and has rarely, if ever, given out discounts for a seat.

XXX at the 10th anniversary celebration of The Million Dollar Lunch at the Park Hyatt on October 17, 2014 in Melbourne, Australia.

This will be a digital lottery rather than one you submit to in-person. You can apply for an entry on their website at varying times on the day before the performance until nine in the morning on the day of the performance. You find out if you win immediately and will have an hour to pay for your tickets via their site. Then, you bring your government-issued ID to the theater where you can pick up your tickets just 30 minutes before the show begins. The short lead time is to cut down on the chance you’ll scalp those ultra desirable tickets, of course. Winners are selected at random and have the option to purchase up to two tickets at just $30 dollars each.

Average ticket prices range from $130 to $150 depending on the day, so this is a HUGE deal. According to The New York Times Artbeat Blog, “Disney says its cumulative worldwide grosses (there are currently nine productions around the world) are higher than those of any other entertainment title, including films.”

Didn’t we say the show was popular?

Will you be trying your hand at the lottery for The Lion King? Tell us in the comments below!

(h/t NYT Artbeat Blog, photo via Michael Dodge/Getty)