Our fondest sartorial memories of Mischa Barton are, admittedly, stuck in the aughts — and that’s actually not a super embarrassing thing. Since we were introduced to the actress on The O.C. as hard-partying yet impeccably dressed teen Marissa Cooper, we’re still caught up on how she was able to make her character’s designer-packed wardrobe feel as easygoing as the tanks and cut-offs that typically define SoCal style (the girl wore a Chanel dress to prom — come on!). In other words, in terms of style, she set the bar high early on, while most of us were still chilling in our Juicy Couture track suits.


It turns out in the eight years since the show has been off the air — and even now, as it’s making a surprising comeback as a full-fledged musical (really!) — Mischa’s knack for all-things chic hasn’t faded in the slightest. Case in point: the super sophisticated matching set she wore to the New York City premiere of Irrational Man. With pleated sleeves and a ruffled skirt, Mischa’s twinning floral separates maintain that ultra-girly flair we love about the look, but with a more fall-ready feel. Most notably, there’s no belly-baring involved, which is not only a major plus when the first chill of the new season hits, but also great inspo for how to pull off the trend at an event where you can’t get away with flashing skin, like a more formal wedding or a company cocktail night. Naturally, we’ll be looking to serial two-piecer, Taylor Swift, for her take on the more covered-up look, like maybe when she meets her brand new godson for the very first time <3

Are you team #midriff or do you like this more covered-up version of the matching set? Tell us in the comments below.

(Photos via Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty)