When I was your age, I used to play with sticks. Cue the eye roll straight into the iPad… unless your kid is wearing Moff, a smart wearable that turns anything your little one holds into a toy with snappy sound effects. Then get ready for an earful of “A stick. Boring?Puh-lease, mom!”

Your little one is right: With Moff, that stick is now a spell-spitting magic wand. The broom — a rockin’ electric guitar. And a ruler? It’s a slick samurai sword, or pretty much anything else your kid imagines it to be.

Once the sherbert silicone wristband is wrapped around your child’s wrist (it slaps on just like the good old days), it connects to any iOS device via Bluetooth to emit different sound effects found on the Moff app. Your kids’ gestures trigger the sensor-embedded device to sound (Clink! Whack! Slap!). The more they move and play with Moff, the more their fantasy world comes alive in the real world.

Moff offers engaging, physical experiences for kids who are used to tapping into their creativity through the comfort of a screen (wait, Little Suzie, you’re actually coding? YOU can carry on). Its emphasis on high-quality playtime versus playthings must be refreshing to parents whose toy rooms are littered with games that were begged for yesterday and forgotten today.

Oh, and let’s not forget the kids-at-heart. Moff has hands down changed LARPING forever, and maybe even upped your chances at winning high-tech charades during game night. And since Moff just about quadrupled its Kickstarter goal a few days ago, the desire for a playfully enhanced reality actually does seem pretty huge. Backers can expect their kid’s first wearable to arrive this July, but if you missed out on the campaign, you can still keep up-to-date with launch info via e-mail updates that swoosh into your inbox.

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